A New BeginningMature

i got over it and i was very sure so would Lee.he seemed happy or maybe it was just a mask.i dont know.i was content.

i was back to my normal self within two days.arrogance and attitude at its peak.i was like this always...but not with my friends atleast.this
 was what had changed. everyone around me...even Annie was complaining about my attitude.James and Lee were talking to me but it just wasnt
the same.it did hurt a little but i didnt really care.many people said Lee still liked me but i didnt believe them.he wouldnt be so stupid.

it was end of September.there was a new admission in our class.but who cared? i had such great friends.cant say bestest friends this time.
in such a short span of time so much had changed. Lily had broken up with James and he was shattered.i was with him all the time.they had a
HUGE and horrible fight.everyone turned against Lily. i never knew she was such a meanie! Two faced bitch! James never spoke to me normally
since everything that happened with Lee.but Lee was back...to his usual self.happy,fun loving and always smiling.i guess James was still
pissed.cant say my life was perfect but it was ok.

it had been 10 months since my break up with Zack.it had been a pretty serious relationship but to be honest,i got bored after a while.he
started to get onto my nerves.so i dumped him.had to happen anyways.and he had left the school too.

now i was really lonely.i thirsted for true love.i was desperately looking for somebody.i needed someone to comfort me .and i found him all

the new admission guy...his name was Bryan.i didn't really like him but Justin used to talk alot about him.he was good looking than the rest of the boys in my grade but he wasnt VERY
appealing to me.

after school that day i was just thinking about boys...and speaking of boys...Bryan seemed like the perfect guy for me.he was good looking,tall enough,fair,hot body,nice hair..i just had to know
him better. i was suddenly very excited to go to school.

next day in school,there was some very important announcement in the morning assembly. the annual athletic meet was coming closer. it had been one of my favourite events as John always
won everything and this time Lee was participating too and trust me..he was great! i used to bunk all my classes to watch their practice.it was so much fun. and guess what? Bryan was
participating too! he was racing...and so was my heart. it was just unbelievable ,the way he ran.i had so fallen for him! i tried getting closer to him so i can talk to him just anyhow,but he was so
 wierd.seemed like he had 'girl-phoebia'. i chuckled in my head. i was so disappointed but it wasnt affecting me that much.

it was lunch. i was with Justin and quite obviously,talking about Bryan. they lived in the same area and met each other every evening.

"what does he think about the girls here?"i asked.trying to act like i didn't care even though i knew it wasnt working.

"he hasn't liked anyone except Sarah"

UGH! Sarah! she was the prettiest girl in all the boys' eyes and she literally faked innocence. i was so much better at acting than her! she wasnt even that pretty.

"how come you are so interested?" Justin asked,looking smug.

"ummm...Justin..i want to be friends with Bryan.He seems nice"

"i dont think you should Jenny.he speaks a lot of crap"

"about me?!" i asked ,sounding totally shocked! he didn't even know me!

"umm...yeah...But its just shit."

"tell me what he said Justin.the truth"

"cmon Jenny....you shouldnt care". suddenly there was a look of disgust on his face.


"ok ok...he said..that he thinks you are bad looking and a..."


"i'm not saying it Jenny.you are my friend.i wont."

"hey cmon...i wouldn't mind"

"he thinks of you as a slut".

my stomach turned. i did not feel angry.i felt..upset.

"oh...ok...thanks Justin''

"see...that look on your face.i dont like it.Jenny cmon.he is not a good guy.forget it"

"yeah.but i just want to ask him why does he think so.i mean we havent ever talked."

"dont take my name"


Lunch was over.i was feeling a bit low.maybe i was just tired. how can any boy affect me so deep when i dont even know him? i am so wierd!

He was getting hard to resist.i wanted to talk to him.

 went back to the class and met Alex. he was in my class since 4th grade but we were never such good friends.he used to roam around with bryan all the time.

''Hey Alex.whats up?"

"Yo Jenny. how're you?"

"im good.i was just wondering if your friend Bryan had an e-mail id?"

"hmm...whats the catch? are you into him?"

"alex! i just want to talk to him about something he said.nothing too great.could you just give it to me?"

"ok.i'll text it to you."

"thanks man..."

"i can see where this is going to go..." he said,whistling.

"stop it alex.i dont like Bryan."

"i never said that you do"

i punched him on his shoulder and walked away trying not to smile like a jerk.

"i do not like him! he said shit about me!" i thought to myself but i couldnt lie to myself. i was excited about the fact that i would chat with him today.I had never behaved like this.

i was doing homework,yeah for a change,when my phone beeped.

"must be Alex" i thought.i'd been waiting the whole afternoon for his message and here it was finally.

i switched on my laptop and got onto the internet.i'd never been so impatient.what was with me?

i added Bryan.he was online.EEK!

why the hell do i care? anyways.better talk to him.

''hey..." i messaged first.

"hii..you're the Jenny from my class?"


"are you sure?"

what a wierdo.

"yes ofcourse."

"ohkay.so whats up?"

"i wanted to ask you something Bryan."

"me? ok..go ahead"

"i heard you said a lot of shit about me."

"what the hell.why would i do that?i dont even know you."

"that is what."

"what shit did you hear?"

i told him everything.he seemed so nice.

"you've got to be kidding me!"

"i'm serious."

"who told you all that?"

"i cant tell you." i couldnt give away Justin!

"ohkay but i never said anything like that,Jenny.trust me. i think you are nice looking and full of attitude.that is what i think of you."

OH MY GOD.Was i dreaming ? all this seemed so unreal.


"yeah.by the way you're looking really nice in your display picture."

Is he the Bryan of my class?i was so confused.

"thanks.yours is great too."

"thank you."

and we chatted for a while and he asked for my number.HE ASKED FOR MY NUMBER.WOW.

woah..i was really going crazy.i was still not sure if i really liked him or not.

actually i did not.

but maybe i did.

UGH...i need Annie.

i dialled Annie's number and told her everything

"wow Jenny. he sounds really perfect for you.give me his number too."

"ok.i'll give it to you.DONT you dare tell him that i told you everything."

" Ofcourse not."

"so what do you think?"

"about what?"

"about all this."

"Jenny,some people just cant bear to see others happy u know. just forget about what Justin said.Bryan told you the truth and i'm sure you trust him right?"

"yeah..but Justin is a better friend. i never trust anybody blindly,but Annie you know this guy is different.i dont know why but he is just...different."

"Love is in the air......" Annie started singing.

"oh shut it Annie.i'm not in love with him."

"yeah right."

"i dont even know him!"

"we will see to that."

it was getting harder to concentrate on anything besides School or moreover , Bryan. he texted me in the evening. i was with Sophie when i got his message.
Sophie was one of the nicest girl i'd ever met and she was my best friend too. we were in the same grade but different sections.our elder sisters were great friends too. I didnt tell Sophie
much about Bryan.Just that he was a new admission and we had become friends. Sophie wanted to see how Bryan looked like because i wouldn't shut up about his good looks! Sophie was
almost in the same condition as mine...she needed someone ...but just not as desperately as i did.

Bryan and I chatted on SMS the whole night. he said he wanted to tell me something but i had to wait till tomorrow.

"i hate waiting! please please please tell me" i begged.

i waited for his reply.

2 seconds.

5 seconds.

6 seconds...

my phone beeped! wow...he was so fast!

"it'll be worth it."

oh my god.what could it be? the only thing that would be worth waiting for at the moment would be him asking me out. EEEKS.

i was totally losing it!

The End

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