Never Let GoMature

story of a teenage girl whose life changes as a boy enters the picture. she suffers through high school. goes through many hardships.lets see if her strong love can get her....him?

it was the start of new session. i had passed with flying colours yet again. however in this term my aim would be different. different than all others. not something like getting first position or impressing teachers. i wanted love...i wanted friendship.

it was time i got last term...i was hanging out with my seniors again, all the teachers held a grudge against me but i could not see any reason why?they had stuck to me in my hard times...and i would do the same.i had found true companions...supporting me forever. they were with me during my free classes,recess,when the school got over,aftr school,on the phone etc. my life was bestest friend Lee came up to me and asked me out.

'' I've been thinking about you for quite a while now Jenny''.

it was so unlike him.i had NEVER seen him like serious about something.and me,being the ultimate idiot there,took it as a joke. how was i to know he liked me? he never showed it and no one ever even told me. i'm not a phychic!

''Oh really Lee? i dont think so'' i said in a joking manner.

 ''I"m serious.i like you.will you be my girlfriend?''

Ugh....another one of their dares.i was sick of that game truth and dare they played day and night.

''Lee! think i'll go out with you? not a chance dude!'' i said and laughed.

our whole group was listening and Lee just smiled and muttered something like 'i knew it'. everyone was staring at me.

''WHAT?!'' i said. ''cant u see he's kidding?''.

''Yeah ofcourse.It was a dare.'' said Justin,another one of my best friends.

everyone looked at him.

then James got up and took me into a corner and said '' are u blind Jenny? He's crazy about you! Talks about you ALL the time. i'm sick of it.just say yes man.cmon!''

James and Lee were my bestest mates. ''You can find Jenny where James and Lee are'' people used to say. And James and Lee were like brothers...they were inseperable.Lee had probably told James everything already.

''but Justin just said it was a dare''.

''he doesnt want Lee to be embarassed''.

''you've got to be kidding the hell did this happen? when? why?Tell me everything James''.

''Its been a while now.i dont know just happened''.

i was silent.stunned. Lee and me? possible.but i dont like him that way.he's my best buddy! each and everyone from our group called me that day after school and begged so that i say a yes to Lee. it was so confusing.if this was a dare...i was gonna kill James.

''so....have you decided?'' asked Lily,james' girlfriend.

''i dont really know...i guess i'll say yes.dont wanna hurt him''

''cool....he'll go mad''

i smiled and then i saw him.Lee.coming to me....i couldn't believe i was sweating.

School was finally seemed like such a long day. Justin was coming running  over to me with a note clutched in his hand.

''Jenny! thank god.First of all...congratulations!!''

''thanks justin.what is that?''

''oh this.Lee asked me to give it to you.he was late and would've missed his bus''.


i folded open the note. there were many lines scribbled and the handwriting was shaky.

i dont know what to say.i'm so happy about this.oh my god.

ohk...i'm over excited.

Sorry for being late.i will call you at 3.


Woah.what's gotten into Lee? what's the big deal if he got a little late? maybe he's a little too happy.good for him.

Our relationship was just dragging was boring.i couldnt like was really hard. and specially when he got all romantic kinds...eww...freaked me out. I was losing my best friend...i had to do something about it. Break up.

''Lee...dont you think this is a little wierd? us...together? little uncomfortable?'' i messaged him online.

''nooo.not at all.i'm loving it''


''i dont think i am Lee. we used to be best friends.we could share everything with each other.its just not the same.i dont like it this way.i think we should break up.''

No reply...

5 minutes...

10  minutes...

''Lee ....are you okay?''

15 minutes... i hurt him.

''okay Jenny...but i dont think this is right.but its your choice.''

''Sorry Lee...i tried my best...but,...''

''Its fine.''

''Lee...can we meet up?''

''i dont think parents wont allow.''

HUH? since when did Lee ask his parents before going out?

''LEE! get over it''

''I'll see you in school''



Whatever.If he doesnt want to talk then i cant help it.

next day in school was what i thought would happen.everyone was pissed with me. it was killing me.

''dont i get to make any choice or decision?''

''you have no feelings Jenny...admit it''

''Dont you say that.i love him...but only as a friend'.infact i love you all ..because you are my best friends.that doesnt necessarily mean that i go out with any guy that asks me out.relationships work on trust and love guys.not like this.if it would've continued like this...i would've lost Lee as my best friend and he would've ended up getting really hurt.i know he's hurt even now.But if not today then it would've been too've got to make him understand.please.''

''she's kinda right.'' said Mike.

''hmm...but he's way too serious about you.he even cried.''

crap! i never thought this would turn into such a nightmare.i could feel my eyes burning with tears.i couldn't hide it anymore.but i controlled myself.

''are you crying Jenny?Its ok...he'll be fine.''John comforted me.

''hell no it wont.i've hurt him so bad.he'll never love me a best's all over.all thanks to me.i was such a STUPID jerk.''

''Cmon Jenny...we'll talk to him about'll be back to me.'' Annie said.she'd been with me for the past 12 years and knew me just too well.she always had a solution for a problem.or i should say for all MY problems.i felt better.

James was walking towards me.he looked furious.

''here it comes'' i thought.''Chill Jenny...he's your best friend.dont lose your calm''.

''Thanks a ton Jenny.''

''Huh? for what james?'

''for ruining Lee's you have any idea what this has done to him?''


''he doesnt eat.he doesnt talk.he just locks up his room and sits inside all day long.all thanks to you..''


''Shut up....i dont think Lee or even i need friends like you.dont ever try talking to me or Lee....''

he turned to the others...

''You all can stay with whomever you like...''

''JAMES! STOP RIGHT THERE!'' i shouted. tears streaming down my face.

''What is your problem? dont you understand?''

''listen to me what if i broke up with him?it had to happen cant just favour him.we all are best friends.u gotta understand my side of story too!''

''i dont even  want me...nobody does.''

''HEY! i'm not done.if this is what you want then FINE...i dont need you to live my life happily. i have enough friends and i can have fun with them too.go tell your Lee that i dont give a shit.''


''WHATEVER!''i screamed after him.and he was gone.

i couldnt believe what i had just said.i made my best friends hate was all because of me.

And i broke into hysterics....

i was crying sounded more like howling.Annie came running to me followed by John',Justin,Lily and Mike.

''sshhh shh.Relax.everybody is watching Jenny!'' whispered Justin.

'''' i sobbed.

''No they dont.They'll get over it. they're just a little'll be absolutely fine tomorrow.See for yourself.'' said John,wiping the tears off my face,


it was Lily.

''Yeah Lily...?''

''i'm so sorry but i cannot be with you in this.James needs me there.i've got to be with understand right? i'm dont need me''.

shock gripped me.

i caught hold of myself and muttered ''sure...go to's ok''.

She turned and left happily.

Annie hugged me tightly without saying anything.And the others joined.

i wondered where i would've been without annie! She was my soulmate.

By the end of the day i was very happy.I had Justin,John,Mike and Annie with me.i didn't need anyone else.Not even James and Lee.or maybe i did?

The End

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