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I couldn't see, but I could feel. I felt boxes. On top of some boxes there was something soft, and folded. Blankets I supposed. I made sure the boxes were stable, and I curled into a ball. My hands hugging my knees into my chest, just waiting. And waiting....and waiting. Nothing seemed to happen. "How long have I been down here anyway?", I asked myself. Could it be?! They left?! They didn't find me?! How strange it was that they might not have even considered checking under the bed! I wasn't about to take chances though.

I felt around for the ladder. It was metal, and cold. My arms were shaky, and stiff from being so scared, but I forced myself to pull myself up.

I pushed the cellar open a little bit!

"Charlotte, Robert, Tom?", I whispered.

Before I couldn't been sent to my death, because I was so scared, something pushed the little cellar door down. It hit my head. I held on to the ladder.

I heard Anna, Mary, and Layla giggling. Then I knew what had happened. The girls were jumping on the bed. Didn't they know I was underneath them?!

"Girls!" Ah. Charlotte.

"Get off the bed! Rob, come in here, and help me move this!" The girls hopped off. Just then I heard Robert come in, and together they moved the bed just about to the other side of the room.

I pulled the door up, aware that nobody was going to make me hit my head again, and Robert pulled me out. Charlotte hugged me tight.

"Are you alright?!", asked Tom.

"Oh!", sobbed Charlotte. "We were so sure you wouldn't find it!" I could tell she meant the cellar.

"Why was she in there?", asked Layla, her little face confused. Her eyebrows all puckered up. I could also tell that the three girls problably couldn't hear a word, or thing that happened.

"Get to bed, now!", said Charlotte still hugging me.

"But what happened!", Layla asked, or demanded.

"I'll tell you in the morning, now get!"

"Oh, foowey!", she murmered, and followed right behind the other two sisters.

"How'd ya find it?!", asked Tom still shocked.

"It wasn't easy.", was all I could say. I also had to ask, "Will they come back?"

"Doubt it.", said Robert.

"Hmmm.", was all I said.

Charlotte pulled me back so she could get a good look at my face.

"Now how in the w orld will you be able to sleep tonight?!"

"She could always try.", said Tom. I agreed silently.

"If you would like to go back to where your umm...father exspects you, you can!"

"No.", Is said. "i'm alright."How  was I going to get there anyway, with out being seen. Besides if my "father" really did want me to sleep on the ground, I'd be here!

"Well then, if something happens you know what to do...Oh Robert, it's just to risky! We shouldn't take chances! What if they do come looking again."

"Then like you said, she knows what to do. It's time we all get some sleep."

Tom put his hand on my shoulder, then removed it, and walked out of the room. Robert patted my back gently, and Charlotte kissed my forehead.

 I have never felt so loved!

"Get some sleep.", she whispered. I didn't answer.

This time they completely shut the door. I couldn't see a thing. So I did what I did before, I felt. I climbed on the bed that was still in the wrong spot, because of Charlotte, and Robert pushing it. I felt the covers, and closed my eyes, and then like before, I actually felt comfort.

Comfort  that hoped nothing bad would happen.


The End

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