I hoped up, and grabbed he pile of books, and was alittle wobbly from the sudden weight.

"Wait", said Charlotte. "Sense you're here alone, how about you stay with us tonight?"

"Are you sure?" They problably had somewhere better for me to sleep then on the grass.

"Good idea", said Robert kissing Charlotte. I looked over at Tom. I could tell he was a bit over excited.

Then it hit me that they didn't have a barn.

"I could sleep in a shed or something." They all stared at me.

"I for one will not allow that!", said Charlotte.

"What are you used to sleeping in?", asked Robert now suspicious.

"In a barn", I answered. "Sometimes in good weather, a tree." Shoot! I should've kept my mouth closed. It was the truth, but that didn't matter! I was blowing my cover!

"And your father...allows that?", asked Charlotte.

"Couldn't you fall out of the tree?", asked Tom.

"Not if you're in a stable position.", I answered.

"Well then...", said Charlotte putting her hands together. "-Tonights going to be a different night for you, my dear!"

"Where di I sleep then?" I was out of ideas.

"Don't worry, we have room."

"You mean I can actually sleep in your house?"

"Uh...if that's what'd you'de like."

The the girls came marching in. Their hair was brushed, and climbed the ladder to their upstairs bedroom of their very own.

Charlotte grabbed my hand, and lead me into a room, with a bed, and a dresser, and a painting of a water fall.

"Here, this is the guest room."

"For me?" I was breathless. A bed! I looked at her, and she was smiling, as if something was funny, then, oh. I realized it was me.

"Yes. We're right in the other room if you need us. Do you have any belongings that you need to go get?"

"No thankyou. I'm good" I dropped my books on the floor.

"Alright then. I'll see you im the morning. Do want your door shut?"

I didn't answer. I was just looking at the room. She cracked the door so a sliver of light could come in, and I heard her foot steps walking away.

Then I heard a bit of a conversation.

"I worried about her, Rob!", she said in a frantic whisper.

"I know.", he said. "We'll talk to her father as soon as he gets back." Oh, no!

"Rob!...I'm starting to think that he won't be back!"

"Don't think that. We don't know that for sure."

"She did nothing to deserve what she might have gotten!"

"Shhh. We don't know what she's gone through. We'll talk with her in the morning. Until then, theres no use in being worried." Well that just great! I needed  to think of something to say by morning, and it better be good! Telling the truth was not an option!

I crawled underneath the covers, and was in the best comfort i've experienced in my whole life. I could hardly keep my eyes open, then I could.

Some knocked on their door. More like pounded on the door, and Robert answered.

"He-" He was about to greet him, before I could hear the man push him out of the way.

"Where is she!", said the deep voice. I wasn't hard to realize that he was talking about me. I also realized he wasn't alone. I heard many more voices!

So much for me staying! I had put this innocent family in danger! The guilt was over- whelming. No! It was almost painful!

I wouldn't let anything happen to them. I would walk right out, and say here I am, take me! Better yet, I would have them act like they didn't know me, let alone, how I got in their house! I knew they wouldn't do it though.

"What are you talking about?!", yelled Robert. Oh, no!

"Don't act like you don't know a damn of what i'm talking about! Answer me!"

"We assure you we don't know what you're talking about.", said Charlotte soothing voice.

"Oh yah!", the man challenged. "Then how come just about every resident in this here town says they saw you take her?!"

I thought about how Robert wouldn't like the man to talk to his own wife that way.

I could almost see the man's eyes trying to find the lie.

"You're behind this, aren't you?"

"Behind what!", said a different voice...Tom! I forgot he was still out there. Not him too!

"Even if  you don't have her-", the man began to threaten. "-we're going to have to search your house anyway."

I thought I was going to peuke!

"Look around, then!", said Robert. "I hope you like what you see.", he said sarcasticly.

I knew that was my cue!

I threw my covers off, and to my sight, there were no windows. They would completely see me if I walked out of the room! I let myself fall on the floor uselessly. My eyes wondered around the room. I wondered what they would do to me...Tom's family. Then my eyes wondered under the bed, and I saw a handle.

A cellar!

It wasn't hard to fit under the bed, but it would be a problem opening it under the bed. It would only open a fraction of the way because, of how low the bed was!

I pushed with all my might to move the bed, and finally...I was able to open it enough to fit my body in. It was a good thing I didn't need to move the bed to much, or else the cellar door would be revealed.

I felt for ground, but my feet couldn't touch anything. How far of a drop was it? Then I found a ladder. The cellar door closed silently, and I heard foot steps almost above me. I squeezed my eyes shut!

I climbed down the ladder in complete darkness, wondering how long it was. It was so dark that if I held my hand up to my face, I wouldn't be able to see it.

Finally my bare feet felt the ground. Well, looks like my efforts meant something after all. Then something came to my mind. It was simple, but scared me terribly.

What if they found the cellar? I already knew the answer. I'd be out of luck.

How did this happen in the first place?! How did I run away so quickly with out regretting? Well now, I regret.



The End

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