Me Too!

She yanked on my dress, and held the book up to my face. It had a picture of a girl in a big, puffy, pink dress with a crown on top.

"Please?", she asked me.

"Why not?" The rest of her family including her two tripplet sisters, were all still worn out.

Her little face perked up, and I could tell she'd been happier, to have me say those words, as well at it could've been her birthday!

Before I could start, Charlotte began talking.

"Tell me, when will your father be back?" Layla threw a mad glance in her mother's direction. She wanted me to do nothing but read.

"Soon", I said obviously ignoring the question. I opened  the book to the fist page. The letters were in cursive, which was good, because it was easier for me to read when they were. It was quite a big book, especially for a child.

"You don't have to read if you don't want to." Charlotte told me.

"Yes she does!", yelled Layla. Her mom gave her a serious look.

"I want her to read too!", said Mary.

"Me too!", said Anna.

"Me as well.", said told smiling at me. "I've never met, or seen someone read before."

For a quick second I wondered if master, well...if I really was a slave, or if I was treated as badly as I thought I was. I also wondered what he was doing that very second. I shook my head to get the thouht out, and began to read.

"Once there was a girl. She had hair of gold, and eyes of blue. She always said, "Tell me what to do father, and I shall go forth!", for her mother had died years ago. Long before she could even talk."

I kept reading. It didn't really bug me that all there eyes were on me. I wondered if they got it. If they could understand something so poetic. I was sure they didn't understand figures of speach, or simply metafors, or similes. Then I remembered what CHarlotte had said; "We were running faster then puppets on strings", or something likt that.  Oh well, I kept on reading.

"She never wondered why things happened, for she had faith." I read at least a chapter, or two before we all turned to look out the window into the fact that it was getting late.

I paused, and shut the book. 

"Read more!", said Mary not really asking.

"Me too!", yelled Layla. I laughed sense it didn't really make sense to the last thing Mary said. But obviously she second the motion.

To be honest, I really did want to spend more time with them, but I felt like I was keeping them something. 

Everyone else could go except for this particular family, and I would stay here. I would be happy.

Charlotte walked over to me, and put her hand on my shoulder."That was beautiful", she told me. "Alright girls, that's enough. Go to the out house, and get ready for bed!"

"Awwww!", the all moaned, and marched agrily out the door in a single file line.

Well, that settled it. I had to go.

The End

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