"False" magic

I walked towards them swaying my dress. Enjoying their fear. I would never usually do that, but now I was almost a different person.

"What do you think she's doing?" I heard a female voice ask.

"Black magic", replied a male voice. They all gasped.

Magic?.....black magic?They were crazy! They didn't actually believe I would use magic against them! Even I knew it didn't exist! Or...I was pretty sure it didn't.

Then I had a brilliant idea come right into my head... If magic was what they wanted, well that's what they would get!

I spun around three times in a circle, making weird hand motions; my dress flying up!  I leaped closer to them. And who knew one little word would scare them silly! "Ha!" They all screamed, and held eachother close. Not the children though. They laughed at the sight that I had just shown them. I wanted to laugh with them, but I had to keep it real. "Pathedic", I thought.

I got one more good look at their terrified faces, and when I thought they couldn't see me anymore, then I began to laugh.

I walked down the little cobble streets, and saw some men loading boxes of books into one of those boxes the horses pulled. Then I remembered what Tom had said. He said, "If nobody buys them, they go free", or something like that. So what? They were giving them away? Just like that?

In that case I ran down to the little shop, and ran inside, and I wasn't suprised to see terrified people.

I could see how people identified me. I looked different for all that mattered!

They were two old ladies. One bigger then average.

"Calm down Harriet", said the round lady. "Remember our old friend."

"Right", siad the other lady; Harriet, I suppose. "May we help you." Wow. These were the nicest people yet. Well, besides Tom, and his family.

"Can I have a book?" They stared at me amazed.

"I'm Carrie", said the large lady all of a sudden, sticking her hand out. I wasn't sure what to do, but I stuck my hand out too, hoping that's what I was supposed to do. Then she grabbed my hand, and shook it.

Then she answered my question.

"Certainly. Take your pick", she gestured towards the shelves full with books. When I started walking towards them I got curious.

"Who's your old friend?", I asked.

"Oh, such a long time ago, it was...she was just like you, she was."

"Hmmm", was all I said.

There was so many books! I was about to ask her how many I could take when they began to look worried again. They hesitated.

"Ummmmm...", I could tell they were trying to find the right words. "The two of us heard some yell'in, and we was a wonder'in if you known what happened."  It wasn't quite a question. I could even tell they had speech, and grammar lost somewhere.

Why did I feel I could trust these women? "People just don't treat me like they do, others."

"Ah", said Carrie. "I understand."

"Sure you do", I wanted to say, but didn't.

Before she could open her mouth again I asked, "How many can I take?"

"Oh, a...as much as you want."

I stacked as much books as I  could hold, each very thick, and heavy, and all together, I could barely lift them, but I managed. There was no way I was going to put them back!

"Thanks", I said walking out the door.

"Come back soon!", said Carrie. I heard Harriet clear her throat. I could tell she didn't like the idea of me comming back, especially soon. Oh well. That wouldn't stop me.

"Just think, Harriet! The only one here who knows how to read is a -"

"Besides us!" Harriet said cutting Carrie off short.  Carrie sighed.

"Yes, besides us."

Once I was far enough away to still hear their voices, but to not know what they were saying, I ignored them.

Everyone was still in the town square talking. And even though they couldn't see my face over all the books, they still reconized me, and imediantly knew who, and what I was.

"Hear she comes!" I heard a frantic voice whisper.


"She reads?"

"It doesn't matter what she does, she has to go!", proclaimed a deep male voice.

Then pushing their way through the crowed...Tom's family.

They grabbed my arm, and pulled me through the crowed, well, not really. The crowed moved as far away from me as possible. Tom's dad, Robert took my books for me. The only ones who weren't there was Tom's three little sisters, Mary, Anna, and Layla.  Then the next thing I knew I was in Tom's house, sitting on one of their old rocking chairs.

"Are you alright?", asked Charlotte. Robert set the books down next to the chair on the floor. I could tell it wasn't a problem for him to carry them.

"I'm fine", I said, happy to be there again.

"Ya sure?!", asked Tom alarmed.

"Good as ever", I told them.

"Well, then.", said Charlotte with relief. "When we saw what the comotion was about we was running down there little puppets on strings".  Then she sat down to rest herself. I giggled. It was quite a fast rescue. Then the girls came running in.

"Was you go'in to be killed?!", Layla asked. I wanted to laugh. How come this family cared for me so much?

Before I even could laugh Tom all but yelled at his sister. "No. She..Was..Not..Going..To be..Killed!", he yelled, emphasizing every word.

"Tom!", shouted Charlotte. "Don't speak to your sister that way!"

"Oh", said Layla. "I thought she was", she whispered. I wanted to laugh again.

"I'm fine. Trust me. See look at me, i'm one hundred percent okay."

"Well then, that answers that!", said Charlotte, still taking deep breaths.

Then Layla dispeared, and came back with the book she wanted me to read to her last time I was over.



The End

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