Found out

I woke up behind the trees, and in the long grass. The mirror was still in my hand. I didn't want to look at it, or at my reflection.

My jewelry was still on! I just about tore them of my body, and shoved them in the bag. Maybe they kept me safe, but the did not bring good luck!

I just laid there. Thinking. I thought about how easy it was to run away, and how fast I did it. I wondered what master is doing right this very second, I thought. I also thought about my memories, before my bad ones. If that made any sense.

My mind had been in so many places ever sense I decided the whole "running away" thing.

I lay in the grass, trying to remember my dream, then I did. 

People were running away from me; screaming in fact! Grown men too! I tried to tell them I was nice, but they never listened! Mothers' held their kids close, telling them to, "run for your lives."!  So I eventually gave up, and when everyone was gone I had the whole town to myself. It was terrible!

That's when I knew. I had found out. I had found out who I was.

I was different. Not good. So why did it matter, that I should try to be good? There was no point. I should get what I need, and do what I need to do, and get on with it! And I made up my mind nobody was going to get in my way! They havn't shown me kindness, in fact they've shown me the complete opposite! So why should I be nice to them?! Then I thought about Tom, and his family.

Who cared?!

I picked up the mirrior, and looked in it. My hazel yellow eyes almost glowed with anger. They looked even brighter against my dark shade of my skin. My hair was wavy around my face. I had taken all of my jewelry off except for the big loop earings.

I looked down at the ground. One of my necklases had fallen out of my bag. It had a cross on it. It was gold, and on the back tiny little letters we ingraved. I had to squint to read them. They said, "He Lived."  I wasn't sure exactly what that meant, but I didn't care. I put it on!

If I was a gypsy, or whatever that was, I wasn't going to change! I was the way I was! I was me! Nobody could do anything about it! I liked this new me. It didn't bring me sadness to think I was dangerous, or "a monster." It made me feel strong, brave! I was done with people telling me what to do! I was in control of myself.

Some how I felt that it was this little necklasethat was around my neck, that made me feel that way. Happy. It was lucky. Maybe not physicly. But I don't think-wait-I knew it wasn't a coinsidence that before I had put it on I had felt miserable. 

I got up, and ran deeper into the forest for some privacy.

I took off the dress I was wearing, and put on a new one. I liked it just as well as I did the other one!

It's sleeves went to my elbow, it wasn't to big, or small. It was meant to be that way. It went all the way down to my feet, but not so I could trip over it. I remembered something, and tried it. It worked. It spun around me when I spun just like last time!

I hid my bag behind a bush, hardly visable. I was just about positive, no one would come where it was.

I didn't care what I looked like. It was no use anyway. So I purposely forgot to brush my hair.

The chain on the necklase was long.

I wasn't afraid, nor was I ashamed. "It didn't matter", I kept telling myself. I walked right into the town where the everyone would be. Whatever I was, I couldn't help it.

Everyone stared at me. Their eyes wide. I smiled, and they backed farther away. The smile I gave them wasn't quite a friendly smile, but a smile that told them it was enjoyable to see them so scared of me. I did actualy find it a little funny, but I did over act a bit.

Their faces were shocked. I looked deep into their eyes.  Most of them were a light blue.  I could kind of see their point of view. If I were them, and I hadn't seen eyes like mine, I suppose they would have frightened me too. 

"Stay behind me", I heard a mom say to her child. The child peeked behind her mother's skirt.

When the mother had spoke to her child I caught a glimpse of her teeth. They weren't very well tooken care of. I've been a slave my whole life, and my teeth were far better then theirs.

I smiled a bigger smile. They backed away even more. I guess teeth as white as mine scared them too.

Over the past day i've been here I noticed I talked a little different too. Almost an accent. My words flowed better. Theirs were a bit more choppy.

I had been through so many differnent emotions in the past day! I had changed so much!

I was different, and I was proud!

The End

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