Then he grabbed my arm, and began to pull me.

"What are you doing?", I asked a little scared. he heard the fear in my voice, and smiled.

"Don't 'cha want to know the town?"

"I-I guess"

"Then let's go."  

I saw a building with almost looked like a point on top. "What's that?", I asked.

"Oh, that's the church."


"Yeah. It's where people go to worship god. You know...pray."   For some reason I wanted to go to this "church". I've heard of god, and that he could do amazing things. Sometimes people (always men) come to master' house, and try to teach him a few things, but he always slams the door in their faces even though I always wanted to hear.

Ofcourse master didn't do what I want though. I wondered what he was doing right now? Looking for me?!

I got myself to change the subject going through my head.

"Can we go?" He laughed.

"Sure. On Sunday." Why sunday? I didn't ask why. I wanted to see more.

He showed me what the shops sold, and resturants. At first I didn't know what that meant. He seemed amazed that I didn't know he said it was a place where poeple got to eat food. They had a place for that?

He also showed me the places people work. There was the black smith,  people that cooked at the resturant, and much more I couldn't remember. Something he said caught all my attention when he said, "This is the library. People here sell books." Books!

"Where! Where!"  He looked confused. He's gone throught alot of expressions with me today. Then he pointed to the direction again.

"You know how to read?!" I nodded. I must be stupid to him. "You don't know what a resturant is, but you know how to read?!", he asked laughing.

The library had a sign that said books were for free! "For free?" I asked him, suprised that I didn't need to do anything to get my hands on them.

"Yeah", he sighed.

"What's wrong?"

"Alot, well, just about everyone here doesn't know how to read like you do."

"Do you?"

"No. We would have a school-" he stopped to look at me to see if I knew what he meant. "-where people go to learn those kind of things, but sadly nobody has anything to teach here, so if no one buys books, they go free."

"Oh." I felt bad for these people; that they coulnd't do a thing such as that. 

He sighed then laughed again.

"What's so funny?"

"Well, i'm just imagining what the peoples faces would look like if they saw you walk into that little store."  We walked for awhile without him telling me what things were. He seemed to hesitate for something.

"What?", I asked.

"Will you teach me?" I was suprised. "Oh, come on...please?" It was weird for someone to be asking me something. To be saying please to me. So I made a mistake.

"Fine." What did I just say? I can't teach! I need to figure out what i'm going to do with myself!  Too late to take it back. He got all excited.

"I meant no!"

"Nope, nope! You already said yes!"

"I said fine!"

"Exactly. Either way works anyway." I groaned. "Plus-", he added. "-I'll listen! I really really will! It will be easy teaching me! Piece of cake!" Piece of cake?  I ignored what he had just said, and began walking ahead.

He turned me around, and shook my shoulders. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase?! What do you want me to do? We can make a deal or some'in!" He really wanted this. That's when I realized, I was a push-over.

"Fine. I don't want anything, but you do owe me when I need the help!" He smiled a huge smile.

"Great! Deal! First should we finish the tour. Shall we?" I sighed, and he grinned. Then for the rest of the tour he was jumpy; eager to get over with it so he could learn to read.

"You know, it's not as easy as you think."  He ignored me.

"And this-", he paused. He almost looked...scared.

"What?" I asked alarmed.

"Just hide behind those trees over there." he told me, but why had he whipered.

So I went to go hide. It seemed normal to be given an order. I had no idea why I needed to hide, but I did.

A few houses down was the forest, and that's where I went. I set down my heavy bag. I would come back for it later on.

I was gasping. Not because I was tired from running; that never happened, but because I was scared, and panicking!

Did master come back for me?!  I didn't see him. I didn't see anyone.

How dare he kept this place from me! I imagined him comming here all the time behind my back. He keeps things from me all the time though (I imagined). What more could there be that  I don't know that he does?!

Just then, something replaces the fear...anger.

Relief wahsed theough me when I realized, it was not him. But more fear came through me when I saw Tom was in danger. Was this because of me?! What more could I do that would make things worse for others when I didn't mean for anything to happen?

He helped me. He was the first to show mw kindness like, to show me around, make me feel better about myself, and not to mention; he told me to run, and he put his self in the bad position I would have been in that very moment.

Guys came walking up slowly. They were Tom's age, and I could tell they were no good.

Tom was wrong. He said, "-people aren't usally like that", well I was was starting to think that maybe, I was bringing all the bad luck here. To Tom. Maybe to others.

Ridiculous. This couldn't be because of me. WHy did I feel everything was always my fault? Maybe because I was used to taking the blame.

I kept my eyes on Tom, and the other boys.

They were maybe bigger. It was hard to see where I was. Although I could see they were taller. Hmmm. maybe they were a couple years older then Tom. That just made it worse.

Tom toom a step back. Other then that; he stayed strong, or pretended to be.

The boys spoke. They had loud voices so I could hear the whole conversation.

"Whose that just with you? I can see why she ran off." The laughed a bit, at the boy's remark.

Tom's freckled face turned red. Why was he staying there? Couldn't he run away? Maybe he knew they would chase him. It was clear they could very well hurt him if they wanted to.

Tom's hands wound up in fists. What was he thinking? If he took a shot at them, they would for sure take one back!

"What'ya guys talking about?", the same boy who been rude, and talked ealier asked.

Soon it wasn't just Tom who was acting dumb, it was me. Icame from out of hiding, and my loud mouth opened, and I acidently said what I thought.-

"Keep your coments to yourself!", I yelled at the rude boy. Soon I was at Tom's side.

"Why are you with him?" , another boy asked. He said the workd, "him" like it made him disgusted talking about it. That made me even angrier.

"I don't see how it had anything to do with you.", I told him. I was loosing it. Was it simply because I could say what I pleased? Not quite. Either way I could get seveirly hurt again.

The were all staring at my body, which made me feel uncomfortable, until I realized they were looking at my big gashes. I couldn't blame them for that. The were big, and noticeable. Too much to not look at. The only reason I didn't look at them was because, they were on me!

One boy raised his eyebrow high. "Paper cut...or two?" he asked sarcasticly.

"Do want some just like them?" I asked. How come everything I wanted to think I said aloud? Of course I couldn't hurt them, and I defenitly couldn't give them something like I had!

"Only if you're the one who will give them to me."  That did it...for Tom. He was at them.

The End

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