Never Lasting

This takes place in years before this one. When slaves were no longer alowed, but people secretly kept them.
One day a little girl was sent to an orphanage, because her father was all she had, and he died in the war. One day a couple came to adopt her, and kept her as a slave. Years go by. She runs away, and becomes a con-artist, but one person doesn't fall for her scandle, and that's the man she marries.

Never Lasting

Chapter 1-  All I Remember

Some nice lady was taking me somewhere in her car. I did not know her, and I did not  know where she was taking me. She had tears on her face. I wanted to ask what was wrong, but I was too shy. I had nothing with me, but my old ragg doll, that I always loved, and always will. I only had a few more things besides my doll, and maybe that was why, I loved her so much. It was dark, and rainy, and all the building around us were dull, washed up colors. I pulled my doll that daddy gave me for my birthday close.

The lady stopped at a building with vines growing on the side. It looked scary, so I got the words out. I didn't want to be here. "Where are we?", I asked to quietly I was worried I would have to repeat. She seemed to hear me.

"I need to tell you something...about your father." I suddenly felt happy. I havn't heard from my father in a long time. I nodded so she'd know to continue.

"Your father was a good man. You know what he did, right?" I didn't say anything, but sure I did. When he went away he said he was going to do good for people, but that's all I knew. She sighed.

"Your father was in something called the war. He-" she said, but before she could say anything else, tears, and sobbs both were comming out. I was becomming alittle afraid of the lady too. When no more tears were comming, then she said something that frightened me. "You won't be seeing him anymore." She told me, her voice now firm. I wasn't shy to ask why.

"Why?" I asked, my voice louder then before. He told me we would see eachother, and soon too, but for me, it has been a long time. He told me to write him, even though I wan't that good at writting. My father taught me everything I knew. Some kids went to something called school, but I liked it when my daddy taught me stuff. He always told me that I  was the only girl that caught his eye. I giggled every time he said that. Until  he comes home I stay with nanny. I love her too. It was a little strange that she didn't come to say good bye, or anything though.

I was suddenly angry. he said he would come back! When daddy makes a promise, he keeps it! He wouldn't lie to me!  I know he wouldn't! I hugged my doll even closer. "No! No! No!" I shouted. What? I never acted this way, but I didn't care! Nobody could take my daddy from me! The lady looked behind me, her eyes red from crying. her face feice. Then she turned back around, closed her eyes, and rubbed the sides of her head.

"Look child, You father is dead, and there isn't one thing you, or me can do about it!"

What? This lady was a liar! Daddy said he was going to help people; he wouldn'r die doing that!"

"Where's nanny!"

"Child!...your grandmother was over seventy five years old! You won't be seeing her either!"

"Why not!" I was about to throw my doll at her, but I held on tighter to her so I wouldn't. Not for the ladies sake, but the dolls! She got out of the car, while slamming the door. She opened mine, and grabbed my wrist. She was no longer shouting.

"She is dead too. That is why I came to get might as well know the truth. You are staying here. People will take care of you." I was shocked. How come I was starting to believe this crazy lady? No! I didn't! I wouldn't! I was about to throw my doll at her, but I didn't. For the dolls sake!

She got out of the car, and slammed her door, and opened mine, and leaned towards me.  "You'll just have to learn to like it here.", she told me. Oh, I was so mad! I was never like this!

I whacked her with the doll right in her face, and she landed into a puddle. I could see her garments underneath her skirt. I hurried, and unbuckled myself, and got out of the car while she couldn't get me; down on the ground.

She was not just a liar, but a monster! She sat there in the puddle staring at me with her red eyes. Her hair was all messed up, and she was furious! Now was my chance!

Before I could get away she grabbed my wrist. I was lucky her hand was all wet , and slippery from the puddle.  Then she grabbed my doll, then it was tug-a-war!

Me, and daddy used to play tug-a-war with my sheets, before we put them on my bed, but this was nothing like that!

She tried to stand up, still holding on to my doll, but she tripped over her heels, and flew back into the puddle again. Now her back was all wet.

I backed away slowly. She was terrifing! Then I took off. Good thing I was fast! I looked behind my shoulder as I ran to see her take off her heels, and hold them in one hand. Then she was after me.

It was a little funny to see the lady run. She was soaked from head to toe, and her feet made wet foot prints, on the ground. "Get her!", she yelled jabbing her finger at me! Oh no! Would people listen to her?

Soon a man snuck up behind me, and just about dragged me back! I did not want to go back to that lady! "Daddy! Daddy! Nanny! Daddy!" People looked shocked as they saw the man pulling me, while I was screaming. I hoped one of them would help, but non did.

Years went by...

I have been adopted, and I am now sixteen. Those are the only memories I have before going to that orphanage, and no matter how much they scared me i've always wanted to go back.

I remember all the girls in the orphanage with me talking about their "futre" parents before even knowing them. One word they always used to describe them was, nice.

My parents aren't really my parents, because they adopted me for one reason. Not to have a daughter, but someone to do all the work. In other words, a slave. Even though I don't go to school I do know that people aren't supposed to keep slaves anymore, but I guess that rule never really went through.

Mistress died along time ago of a disease, and master treats me as if I were the reason for her death. I know that because he used to be nice when she was here, but everysense she died, I havn't seen a smile on his face in years. In some ways, I did like mistress, but now she was gone, and master was next. What was I thinking? I should be thankful to him, even through what he's put me in. With out him I don't know where I'd be!

The only belonging I have is a doll. I don't know where she came from, nor where I got her. For some reason she was special to me anyway.

"Ez! Get in here!" He could at least call me by my real name! He always told me it was too long.

"Comming!" I answered immediantly. I dropped my bucket of water, and leaped over the well. I ran as fast as I could in my bare feet. Good thing I was fast.

My hair went down to my waiste, and since it was windy blowing behind me. I loved the feeling I felt when I ran.

"Now!" he yelled. I tried to run even faster. As soon as I saw the house I felt relieved. I jumped over all six porch steps with out a problem, and pushed the door open.  My breath was never ragged, it was always smooth, even when I ran for a long time. Master doesn't like though if he thinks I didn't come as quickly as I could. So I faked it, like always.

"Finally", was all he said.

"Yes?" I asked still pretending that my breathing was hard.

"I'm hungry", was all he needed to say.

"I'll get right on it", I told him.

Chapter 2-Pain

The day finally went by, and when master started to snore, I was thankful, because when he was relaxed he never asked for anything.

It was dark, and I got all my chores done eraly, but even when I did finish them I still had to act busy. If master saw me doing anything but my chores, who knew what he'd do to me! I shut the front door, and let the candle I was holding light the way. When I knew I didn't need it any longer, I blew it out. 

I slept in the barn. I couldn't imagine sleeping inside. I knew that where we lived that it never got to cold, which was good, but tonight it was.  I laid down on the hay, and closed my eyes. I sighed. I've been working for so long.

I've read some of mistressed book, and some of them said something about "running away", but I knew I could never do that. No matter how much I wanted to. Where would I go? What would I do?

Too soon, it was morning. I didn't even remember going to sleep, let alone my dream.

Better get to work, I thought. I didn't ever need to think about getting up, no matter how tired I was, because I was so used to it. I got up, and smoothed Shina's maine. I named, and loved all the animals in the barn. They seem to know me better then master, and more then he ever could.

I felt my hair. Yuck. It was knotted with hay. I guess I did forget to do something yesterday. Brush my hair, but it's not like it was a chore or anything. I got up, and bbrushed myself off like I did every morning, because the hay always stuck to me.

I walked my way out of the barn, and through the chickens. They scattered, and flew around, since I'd startled them.

"Sorry guys", I muttered yawning. I went up the porch steps, and when I opened the door, I was far me scared then the chickens.

It was master. What was he doing up so early? he was holding a thing with a handle with a thin rope comming out the end of it. he hit it softly against his hand, other than that he didn't move. His angry eyes never looked away from me. I was confused. What was that thing he was holding? What did I do to make him angry at me? "Master?".  Then he answered my first question.

He held the handle tight, and smacked the rope part right against my face with a loud smacking sound. I fell back taking one of the pictures down with me. I didn't know which onw though. I was shocked. I felt the blood streaming down my face. Then he did it again, and again, and again.

I tried getting up hoping that I could get out the door, and make a run for it, but before I could I was shocked once again to see a puddle of my blood right next to me. I screamed, and he smiled. Then he dropped the thing, and started walking towards me. He leaned down to look my right in the face, then all I could remember was his fist.

I woke up in the same spot he's left me. I looked at the puddle of blood that had doubled it's size. How bad was I hurt? What did I do? Had he gone crazy? The same questions kept on going through my head.

I stumbled to get up, and when I did I ran to the barn, praying in my head that I wouldn't run into him again. I didn't know why the barn. It was just the first place I could think of.

Shina was the closest to me, and I threw my arms around her. It was sad to think the only ones who cared, or I knew who cared was a horse. I cried, my arms still tight around her. I don't know how much time past when I let go, but I decided to make sure my wounds were okay. My hands were shaky, as I looked around. Master was out of sight.

 I went to the corner of the barn, and stripped down. I hung my clothes over the rail. Big gashes followed up my body, but had stopped bleeding. The only one that was really deep, was the first one he'd given me. The one right on my cheek. I felt my face, and realized that my left eye hurt bad too. Then I remembered. He had hit me. No. That wasn't the right word. It hurt much worse then that. Oh, punch. That's it! He had punched me.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to see it though. Besides, the mirrors were in the house, and what if master was there. 

I knew I needed to get inside the house to get the full view. So I looked through all the windows, and didn't see him. Then I cracked open the door, and thought I should say something just to make sure. I  for sure wasn't going to say master!

"Ya here?...Come on!" I flinched back. I've never talked, or even tried to talk to him that way before. He defenitly wasn't there.

I walked with caution. Whoa. He had smashed the mirror. I tried not to step on the glass even though I doubted it would be anything compared to what i've been through. Then I found ripped pages all over the floor, and then I realized something; they mistresses pages from her old books! Why would he do that! I picked up a page with the corner ripped off, and some words caught my eye; "and she ran away", it said.

I ran into masters bedroom that used to be mistresses as well. I ran to mistresses old closet, and found all her clothes still there. It's weird how master left her stuff in the same spot she left them in. Once I tried to dust her old jewlry box off, and master got furious! You'd think that having her stuff near by would make it worse, but not for master.

The dresses were dull colors, but to me, they were still pretty. There was a couple paires of shoes too. Everything looked my size. I didn't care if they weren't anyway. I looked at the shoes again. I can't remember what shoes felt like, or even wearing them.

Then I looked in her jewlry box. Their was a necklis she always used to wear that she said kept her safe. I didn't know which one, so I took them all. She had once given me big loop hole earings, but they broke.

She had darker hair then I did, but really tan skin just like me. She said she was a gypsy, but master all, but yelled at her every time she said that. When we were alone she would tell me I was one too, and that it was nothing to be ashamed of.

Although I had no idea what a gypsy was, I was proud to be whatever she was.

Then I reached under the bed, and pulled out a suit case. That meant wherever master is, he didn't take it, so he could be home soon! That idea made me want to scream! So I hurried and shoved everything in with a little to much force. After all, my two dresses wouldn't be enough. Then I ran in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror at my yellowish eyes. And grabbed things like, shampoo, conditioner I used when I bathed in the creek. I also grabbed my brush, tooth brush, and tooth paste. I knew these things would run out in a matter of time, but my ideas were always good, and sudden. Good thing it was a big bag, I thought.

Then I ran into the kitchen, and took matches, and found bandages, and pain-reliver in the drawer, and put them in as well. Then I took all the food I could find. Master could get more. He wasn't exactly my priority right now anyway, I though with sarcasm. Then something hit me, hard...I wouldn't see the animals again.

I dragged my suit case ouside, and left it there on the dirt road so I could tell the animals good bye. Master would never treat them the way I did, and they always seemed to be there for me. I cried as I hugged, and kissed every single one of them, telling them how much I would miss them, and loved them, and that I knew they felt the same way.

I knew I shouldn't take a horse, because I couldn't take care of one. I wanted them to be together anyway. I grabbed my doll that was laying on the hay, and I told them I'd be okay.  I walked up to the road, and grabbed my heavy bag, and wa off.

I had no idea what I was thinking. Would master send for me? I would need to stay hidden.

Once I walked about five miles, I came to the creek. I unzipped my bag, and took the shampoo, and conditioner out. I stripped down, and dived in. It was cold, like usual, but it felt could, because I was running back, and forth all day. I washed up, and didn't dry off. I didn't wash my clothes though. They looked clean enough. I knew I needed to hurry, so I quickly brushed my long hair, and put my clothes on. They stuck to my skin sense I was still soaked, and I hated the feeling, but it was hot, and sense I was wet I knew I'd be cool.

The creek also has a little river flowing from it on the far side, and I knew if it had flowing water, it was okay to drink, so I filled up the bottle I took, and put it in the bag. Even the tiniest weight made it feel heavier! I was used to tugging, and lifting things anyway, so I told myself it was light, and it felt lighter.

It was dark.

I missed the pretty sunset that shone behind the moutains that seemed to be close. I knew it was only a matter of time till I couldn't see. I carried on while a could. Where was I going? That's right, away!

It felt like I had walked forever!

Soon it was really dark. Pitch black. So dark that if I held my hand right in front of my face, I couldn't see it. I was used to it, and the owls, and night sounds from sleeping in the barn. Soon I found myself laughing!

I was suprised, but I was farer away from the house then I ever had been! I also found that walking in such darkness was fun! For all I knew I could suddenly walk right into a tree. I never did this back then because I knew that first, I needed my sleep for hard work every day. Second, what if master saw me? Third I've never tried! Then I stopped laughing, beacuse if I couldn't see anything, I couldn't see anyone, and what if someone was near by? I didn't think so, but I needed to be careful.

I took out  the big blanket, and doll, that I packed, and made a little bed. It was better then the hay. I found myself smiling at the stars. I was hurt in many ways, beaten, and now, I was lost, so why did I feel free?

Chapter 3-People

I woke up early, because that's what I was used to.  Then I heard something.  It made me throw off the covers, and unzip my suit case, and stuff it in. I took my doll and put it under the strap of the bag. I ran behind a tree, and the thing making the noise appeared. It had big wheels, and two horses pulling it. In the thing there was masters, and mistresses. No. People! I've only seen very few, well, that I remember! The girl person had her hair up all twisty, and the boy person was holding ropes to the horses. For a moment the ropes reminded me of the one master used to hurt me. I flinched, and stared amazed. The boy person had his arm around the girl person.

I've read mistresses books over, and over, and once it said something about a boy, and a girl, in love. Could that be what I saw? I was dissapointed yet relieved when they were out of sight. What would they have done if the saw me? Where were they headed. Well, wherever they were going it wasn't to the middle of no where like I was so I decided to follow them.

I swung my very heavy bag over my back, and started to run, hoping I could catch up.   When I caught up, every time I saw a tree I would run behind it to hide.

They began laughing, and I was still running tree to tree.  My bag was beginning to feel like it was mocking me, and getting heavier just so I couldn't carry it, but I didn't let that slow me down. I wouldn't let anything slow me down.

Then we came past a sign that said, "Welcome to Kennyburg", whatever that was.  Why did they have to go up a hill? A steep hill? There was no trees on the hill exect tall grass, so every time I thought they'd look back I'd flop on my stomach, and get down low. I couldn't wait to get past this hill. How far we they going? When would they take a break?

Finally we were on top of the hill, and I could look over it...what I saw wasn't amazing. It was incredible.

People! Lot's, and lot's of people! Houses, and shops!  Everything!

I lot's track of the people I was following, and when I looked around for them, they were gone. I had already found where I was staying anyway.

I stood there, frozen on that hill, just staring. Then I took my first step. Then my second. Then I was running. The hill was so steep I wasn't sure if I could stop, even at the bottom. I didn't care. I could've gotten shocked by lightening and it would've hurt a bit! Then I did stop.

I looked down at myself, and was wearing one of my old dresses that was basically pieces of fabric hanging by one thread each. I looked for a spot I could change my clothes, and found a big tree. I ran to it. I swung off my suit case, and unzipped it. I looked through my bag, and grabbed one of mistresses old dresses, and shoes. I put the shoes on. Then I took them off despite that they were very uncomfortable. I knew I just wasn't used to them though.

I put on the first dress I pulled out, and quickly brushed my hair again. I stood up, and looked down again. This time I was very pleased.  The sleeves were very short, and alittle puffy. The end of the dress went a little past my knees. It was tight, and showed my body shape. I spun, and it flew up, and spun with me! I didn't know which one of the necklises mistress wore to keep her safe so I took them all. 

Soon I was actually in the town! Walking agmongst real people! There was so much to see!

One little boy in dirt overalls dropped his ball, and it rolled to my feet. I bent down to pick it up so I could give it back to him, but once I grasped it, I let go! While I was bending over, something had slapped me right on my behind.

I jumped up, and spun around, and a group of cowboys started laughing. Did they just slap me on my back end?!

They all held cigaretts, and they all continued to laugh.

I was shocked, angy, and embaressed.

One man came forward, and took his hat off and held it to his chest as if he were all of a sudden polite.

"Sorry li'l lady", he said, but he was not forgiven. "We all just stepped out of them bar there", he pointed down the street with the hand that wasn't holding the hat to show me where it was. As if I even wanted to know! I didn't come here to get drunk! Then another man spoke.

"Ya lost? We'll help ya!" They all started to laugh again.

"No", was all  said, and I turned and walked away hoping they wouldn't follow.

How could people be so rude?!

Lucky for me, they didn't follow me, and a young bot just as tall as me came running up. He had red hair, and freckles.

"Sorry about that", he said, even though he didn't do anything wrong. "People here aren't usually like that". I liked this boy already.

"Ya saw?" I asked. He laughed.

"Lucky for you, I think I was the only one!" I turned to him, and he saw the other side of my face, that the cowboys were to too drunk to notice.

"Iya! What happened to you?"  I wasn't sure if I should tell him the truth so I made somethign up.

"My mast- my dad", it felt weird saying that, but odly comfortable. I continued. "-is sending me here while he's on a little trip." I ignored the question about my face sense I havn't figured something to say about it.

"Alone? Where's your dad? Where's the rest of your family?" I liked this boy, except for thr fact he asked too many questions.

"Not far, and I can take care of myself."

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. The cut?" I knew he'd come around to that again.

"Just an accident. It doesn't really hurt", I lied, then I remembered the pain pills I packed. I would need to use some of those.

Finally it seemed like enought o satisfy him.

"Must've been some accident", he mumbled. Yeah, I though...accident. I was wrong; he began shooting more questions at me.

Then he looked at my necklis. "Where did you get that!", he said.

"I've always had it", I lied. He began to back away.

"You're a gypsy?"

"I-I guess.", that's what mistress said.

"Well, you don't look dangerous to me.", he said comming back to my side. Gypsy's were dangerous? Maybe that was just what he thought.

"Where ya stay'in? What's your name?" I anwsered only the first question.



"My name's Esmerelda."

His eyes went wide, then back to normal.

"Mine's Tom", he told me. I could see my name was defenitly not a name people were used to. We both laughed. He was nicest person I have ever met; not that i've met alot of people.

The End

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