Never Known

Ally never knew what death was. It just seemed to be another life to miss friends in. But as her friends from the other side start to join her, Ally starts understand everything. With a mystery to solve death no longer seems that bad.

Death. What is death? Where do you go? Is there a heaven? Is there hell? What do you do after death? Are you just buried and left there forever or does your soul separate and wonder the plans of life? Are there ghosts? Do you get to see you friends grow up? Will you be reborn in another life? Can you die in death? Should I be scared?

Nothing can stop death. No one can save you when dying. When I was younger I used to think there was another life. All you had to do was wait nine months and then you're back on earth. Some say that if you had a birthmark then you had a past life. They also say that if you had one but it faded then when it disappeared then that's when you died in your past life. Others say everyone had a past life but only some remember.

When I thought about death it seemed to bother me. I had no idea why, it just did. I seemed to know I was going to die young. I accepted it and lived my life to the best I could but when the time came to move on, I didn't want to.

It's not like moving house. You can't give your friends a hug and say 'I'll call you when I get there.'. With death you don't even get to say goodbye. One minute your there trying to fight off the darkness and next your standing across the room from where you body lay. 

I was a spiritual person. I contacted the dead in life; I believed all the weird stories about past lives, I even went as far as reading my dreams that didn't seem to make sense to find out about my past life. I knew I lost my birthmark when I was 2 years old, so I searched through papers and websites trying to find a link. I never did. Death is just that clever.

However after death, that's when all you past lives come flooding back. In all of them I died before I turned 19. This time was no different. I always looked the same, blonde hair that shone like gold. Green eyes that reminded most people of moss. A mouth that not even Botox could perfect and skin that seemed that was envied by most. It was clear and pale. I still looked the same in death. But I wasn't the same.

I was dead and I was petrified. Death had claimed me yet again and I still didn't understand why. Or what it was.

The End

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