Never Gonna Dance Again

It's sophomore year, and it's the Fall Ball.
Bella's excited and can't wait to see her crush on the dance floor, but also just dance with her friends.
Cameron is also excited, but he could care less about another dance party. He's only going because of his current girlfriend, Tory.
At the party, Duke, Cameron's best friend, decides to dare Cameron to dance with Bella (whom Cameron really likes) But when Tory finds out that they almost kiss, she goes mad and sends Bella into a coma.

Chapter 1


September 21 -- 8:00 p.m. --

As his father's car comes up and stops at the entrance of the school, Cameron gets out and straightens his nice, black suit and red tie. He brushes his shaggy, blonde hair out of the way from his dark, blue eyes. Cameron smiles. 

His father waves bye as Cameron walks up to the main entrance doors. Above them, he sees a painted sign that reads, "Fall Ball". He smiles as he sees a familiar signature at the bottom corner. Tory...

Cameron entered the building and was soon no later greeted by his group of friends. They were all standing there, looking all cool as if they were they best. 

And let's face it, they were!

Jack was the first to greet Cameron. "Hey buddy! We've been waiting for you!" Jack smiled and gave him a bro hug.

Cameron smiled. "Oh really? That's nice. By the way, nice tux."

On Jack was a regular black suit and tie. His hair was a nice, even red hair and his eyes were just the right color of ember green. The kind that makes you melt even if you hated him. 

Jack smiled and thanked Cameron.

Sam was the next to greet Cameron. "No Jack, you're the only one who has been waiting for him." Sam said, getting his jokes on Jack before it was too late. He then faced Cameron. "Hey Cam."

Cameron noted Sam's usual 'nice' outfit. It looked just like Jack's, but had more blue in it. 

Next, Richard, Duke, and John came up. All doing different things to greet Cameron. Soon after, their girlfriends came. 

It took no time for Tory, in a beautiful yellow gown with little flowers in it. Her short blonde hair was bouncing just above her shoulders. She smiled and kissed Cameron upon the lips. "Hey, baby."

"Hey." Cameron gave her another kiss. 

"You ready?" Tory asked as she grabbed Cameron's hand. Cameron didn't have time to answer as they all entered the doors that lead into the dance floor.

8:12 p.m. --

Bella knocked on the door. "Hurry up, Lauren!" Bella sighed and knocked again.

"Hold on, Bella!" Lauren sighed. As she finished up with her make-up, she finally opened the door. "Jeez, you know it takes a long time for me to get dressed!" Lauren shook her head. "Any ways, what do you think?"

Lauren did some super model poses as her friends took a good look at her. Lauren smiled as her sparkly blue dress shined in the light. 

Maxy stood up in her short black dress. "You look nice!" Maxy then started for the door. "Its time to go now." Maxy grabbed her keys and headed to the door.

Camery followed with Rose, Bella, and Lexi behind her. 

Bella turned around at the last second to look around her room. As she did, she did one last look at the mirror. She smiled at how pretty her white dress looked on her. She loved how it was all twirlly and stuff. Once she was done admiring herself, she turned off the lights and headed out the door. 

8:36 p.m. --

Cameron danced close to Tory as they danced to the song, "Bad Girlfriend" by Theory of a Deadman. He wanted to pull her closer, but he needed a drink. "I'll be right back."

Richard was standing next to Duke and Sa. Jack came over with their punch. "Here you you go...…there's yours Sam..." Jack said as he passed out the drinks.

Richard took his and was about to drink it when six girls entered through the gym doors. Richard nearly dropped his cup as he realized who they were.

Duke, Sam, and Jack also saw them. Duke stared at only one girl. Camery. He knew better, but he wanted her body.

Sam and Jack stared at Rose. They both liked her a bit, but they were popular and Rose wasn't, so they kept their distance from her. 

When Richard saw Bella enter with Lexi, and idea like a tornado came through his head. He turned towards Duke and the guys. "Hey, crazy idea that might possibly make Cameron kill about we dare him to dance with Bella?"

Duke glanced at Bella. He agreed with Richard that his idea was stupid, but he also knew what the  others didn't. Cameron was deeply in love with her--even if he wouldn't admit it to himself. He'd always say that he'd never think of her, but when Cameron and Duke are at each other's house, all Cameron can think or talk about is Bella.

Duke turned his gaze back onto Richard. "Sure."

Richard was half shocked. "Wait, seriously?"



"What's 'sweet'" Cameron asked as he came up to his group. He first noticed Richard, who was smiling ear to ear.

"What do you have in your weird mind?" Cameron started, but was soon interrupted by his girlfriend and her friends.

"Um, like, we have to go back to my place for a while. It won't be long, maybe 20 minutes to and hour. But we'll be, like, back later. Okay?" Tory spoke. Without any of the guys getting a chance to say anything, Tory and them left.

Richard poked Cameron's arm, completely forgetting about his girlfriend probably going to do some lesbian stuff with Tory and them. "Hey, hey, hey..."

"What?" Cameron asked, a bit annoyed.

"I have an idea!" Richard smiled.

Cameron sighed. "Oh no, what is it?"

Richard glanced at Bella. "I dare..." He pointed to everyone in the group. "We all dare you to dance with Bella for 20 minutes." 

Cameron stared at them. Mainly Duke, since he didn't say anything to back him up. "What about Tor--"

"She's gone! Who cares, it's just a dance!" Richard nudged him in the side. "So, will you do it?"

Cameron looked around the group.

"I'll even pay you!" Sam pointed out. "Twenty bucks for twenty minutes. Anything over, and you'll get paid more." Sam smiled at his deal. 

Cameron sighed and looked at Duke. Duke nodded, showing that he agrees with the plan and won't back down. "Fine...I'll do it..." Cameron turned around and gulped.

He saw her in and instance. Bella was dancing, laughing, and smiling with her friends. She seemed so happy. Cameron smiled. He loved they way her hair was flowing and how her dress was wrapped around her body.

He almost didn't notice that he was walking when he finally tapped her shoulder. His last thoughts were of fear.

Bella turned around. "Oh...h-hey Cameron." Bella blushed, her friends giggling behind her.

"" Cameron started to stutter. Great! You're a super hot, popular, sexy beast, talented guy and you can't even ask her to dance without stuttering! Cameron thought to himself. "Do you want to dance?" He finally got out.

Bella smiled. "S-sure." She looked back at her giggling, smiling friends as she took his hand and went out to the dance floor. 

Cameron suddenly felt unsureness run through his body. He started to think about what would happen if Tory came back and saw them dancing. He knew he'd be in big trouble.

As they got to the dance floor, a slow song came on. Cameron quickly looked over at his friends, who were trying really hard to hide their laughter. 

Cameron sighed and looked down at Bella. Suddenly, all he felt in the world was him and her.

Cameron and Bella started to dance to the beat. Each step leading them into a world where it was just him and her. It seemed like nothing as they danced along.

Still staying with the beat, they started to move outside, unknowingly. Cameron was so in a daze, that he didn't even notice when he felt a drop fall onto his head.

Then more. And more. Until suddenly he was drenched in water. Even still, he couldn't help but gaze into Bella's eyes.

Bella was amazed. She never thought that she would ever be like this with Cameron. Bella followed Cameron in steps, not even sure if the slow songs where still playing. 

And neither did Cameron. 

Cameron soon noticed that Bella had goosebumps, so he pulled her close and put his head on top of her head. He closed his eyes and smiled. Never had he ever had a feeling like this with Tory--with anybody!

He took his head off of hers only to kiss her forehead. Bella blushed and looked up at him. Cameron kissed her forehead again. Then, he placed on hand under her chin and lifted it up towards his lips.

He closed his eyes, ready to feel her lips, but suddenly, Bella was out of his arms and an arm was in front of his face. 

"Don't you ever kiss my boyfriend you bitch!" Tory punched Bella again. 

"What the hell?" Bella said as she blocked punches from Tory. 

Cameron tried to say something, but he soon wished he didn't. For it made Bella look at him and gave Tory an opening to punch her again, which sent Bella's head into a pole.

"Bella!" Cameron ran up to her. For a second, she didn't respond, which worried Cameron. "Bella!"

Bella opened her eyes and looked at Cameron. "Hey...some dance, no?"

Cameron was soon glad that it was raining. "Are you okay?" But before Bella could answer, Tory and her girlfriends were all over Cameron, pulling him away from Bella and into the school. 

"Bella!!!!!" Cameron yelled as he was pulled away.

Bella sighed as she looked out into the rain. She closed her eyes, remembering what just happened. She felt the rain against her skin.

10:45 p.m. --

The ambulance came and carried her away...


The End

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