Never FreeMature

Tay was once like you and me, perhaps a little eccentric, at times too thoughtful, and others just a bit annoying. One night changed that. Missing in action for six months, Tay returns home a changed girl. Falling into a deep depression, her only relief, the new boy in school. Who only wants a smile

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Cold. The first word to come to mind when I think of that day. Cold. It had been a fifteen degree day. A light drizzle of rain, and no blue in the sky.

I wrapped my arms tighter around myself, watching my breath turn white before dissapearing. I liked it when the weather was icy like this, especially when I was working. Like I was now. I had just done the mail run, and was now on my way back to work so I could sign off, and go home. I put the back of my hand to my cheek, unsurprised to find it freezing. If I'd occupied a mirror of some sort, my cheeks likely would have appeared a beet red colour.

A car of unknown type -to me anyway- it seemed to be a van, pulled up beside me. The door slamming shut as its owner clambered out. I paid the large man no attention, as I continued on my way. Footsteps sounded from behind me, work boots on cold, wet cement. I frowned, the sound seemed to follow me as I walked ahead, my pace steady, but picking up speed as we passed shops. I stole a glance behind me, to be greeted with dark eyes too close for comfort. I didn't recognise the man -though a surprise that was not- so continued on, my head held low and the strands of hair that had escaped my low, loose ponytail hid my face.

A hand on my shoulder. I ceased walking, my movements frozen as my eyes widened, my head rising slightly. My heart beat painfully against my rib cage, thump-thumping loud enough for the whole town to hear. To say I was scared would have been an understatement. A cleared throat, and the grip on my shoulder tightened to an almost painful point, I swallowed thickly, my mouth suddenly dry, as he turned me around to face him. I angled my face to the ground, looking at him the last thing I wanted to do. The hand on my shoulder loosened slightly, though not enough to get away. His large hand moved down my arm, his fingers running over silver hairs, causing shivers to run through my body. His grip now circled my wrist, my right wrist, the one that sported my watch and an all too familiar tie I bought from some charity. His grip now threatened to break my wrist. I winced as his other hand grabbed my free wrist, holding me in place. My watch read 4:55. Work would miss me if I didn't return in five minutes.

"Nice to finally meet a smart girl for a change." His voice was gruff, deep, and down right scary. I looked around his large figure, to the dirty, white van parked a few metres behind him.
"W-what do you mean?" My voice shook, matching the shivers of fear that ran down, my spine, causing the hairs on my arms to stand on end.

I couldn't see his face, though I could hear the smile in his voice, "Most girls scream."

I shut my eyes tight as I could in an attempt to block out the sick thoughts and images that began to flood my mind, but all that talk about not talking to strangers and never accepting rides from people you don't know. It all made the situation just that much scarier. Most girls scream.

He bent down so he was at eye level with me, his finger beneath my chin, forcing me to look up. His breath reaked of beer and ciggarettes, almost making me throw up. I held my breath.
"Do you have a phone on you?" He was trying to sound nice, comforting almost. His earlier words just kept running through my head, charging, a stampede of 'most girls scream'.

I shook my head, "N-no, I don't, I don't have a ph-phone. I'm not, I'm not a-allowed." An ugly scowl appeared on his almost good-looking face as he began to roughly drag me to the van. Where is everyone? Why is he able to get away with this? I wanted to scream and shout. Cry out, 'can anybody help me?' most girls scream.

"I don't believe you." The simple statement was punctuated by the opening of the back of the van, and being pushed into it. His hand roamed my body, hesitating on my breast and thigh before seeming satisfied I had told the truth. I felt disgusted as he shut the vans back door. My body shook uncontrollably, my head was racing, and I felt dirty. I tried my hardest to stop the tears, tried as hard as I could. To no avail. The tears fell, hot and fast. It was with my vision blurred and the engine roaring to life that I recognised I was not alone. Three other girls occupied the back of the van with me, their eyes wide and fearful, their hands and feet tied, and dirty gags in their mouths. I realised I had none of these. Most girls scream.


Hey guys! New story for you, old story for me. I've had this one sitting for literally years, It's been written up to chapter nine, with 48 pages handwritten. I am going to rewrite it as I put it up here, so you guys can get a better version, with less spelling mistakes, less 'I have no clue what any of the last paragraph meant' and less 'wtf?'. No, I have not completed the draft of this (of course not, why would we think you'd finished it Darcy?) Oh hush. I am very excited though to get to the end, I may have to get rid of chapters seven to nine, on the basis I think it might be a bit repetitive. I don't know, I'll post it as is (rewriting as I do of course) and you guys can tell me, if you even care, whether or not you reckon it's just being repetitive when I get to that point. Kay?

The End

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