Parting of Ways

        After standing inside the building for a minute, our eyes adjusted to the darkness. We found ourselves standing in a long hallway. The only sounds in the hall were our heavy breathing and a heating system turning on a floor below. The two slowly walked down the dark corridor.

       "What should we do?" I whispered.

       "I think I see some doors up ahead, we should try one of them." Mark and I proceeded to turn the knobs on all the doors. We found them all to be locked and only the door at the end of the hall was not tested. Mark twisted the door knob and the door swung open.

       Beyond the door was another hallway which was lit with dim, red lights about every 20 feet. The hallway stretched to the left and the right and in front was a door leading to a stairwell. Taped to the door was a note which Mark read.

       "'You have reached the end of your guided journey. From now on, you must trust faith to get you to the first checkpoint. Before you are three paths, all of which have a few paths which lead to the checkpoint and many which do not. Good luck.'"

       "What do we do now?" I looked at Mark quizzically.

        "Well, I guess this is where we go our separate ways. No sense slowing each other down."

        "Okay, see you on the other side," I waved as Mark ran down the hallway to the right. I threw open the door in front of me and greeted the stairwell. I just had to decide whether to go up or down, in the end, I chose to climb.

The End

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