Race Against the Sunset

        The race was on. Mark and I took off down the beaten path at a steady jog, not knowing how long before we would reach the river. The path took us deeper into the woods until we could barely see our feet. Mark checked his watched and noted it would be sundown in just over an hour.

        "It's getting lighter and I think I see a clearing up ahead," I exclaimed. We broke through the tree line and stopped to appreciate the beauty of nature. To our right was the setting sun, to our left was a path with a sign stating it led to a lake. Before us was a bubbling brook and beyond the brook was a grown over trail.

        "Come on, we need to keep moving," I pulled Mark towards the brook. We jumped onto the opposite bank and continued moving south. Sunset was fast approaching as the sun kissed the horizon. Before long, we reached cabins that bordered the path.

         Mark and I continued down the path, passing unmarked cabins which became more sparsely spaced. Soon storage houses and warehoused replaced the rustic cabins. We came to a sudden halt in the middle of four warehouses with spray painted music notes on the doors. After surveying the situation, Mark and I darted towards the second building on the left marked with a whole note at piano. I threw the door open and we stepped inside. Mark slammed the door behind us and we turned around to greet what appeared to be the black abyss.

The End

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