Split the Deck

       Mark and I pulled ahead of the other two, but the group fell far behind the others.

       "Mark, do you think the group has to finish together or do we all just have to reach the finish line, even if it's not at the same time?"

       "I would think we just have to finish, timing is not an issue," Mark replied.

       "Then I think we should split up after the tree, so we can gain more ground." Mark nodded in agreement.

         We reached the tree after a handful of other groups. Most of the groups were running down the grass path rather than the worn dirt path. Mark silently tapped my shoulder and pointed at a raven painted on a tree branch hanging over the worn path. I looked back at the other two members of the group a fair way back and made eye contact so they knew which way to go.

        "Come on, we need to keep moving." Mark pulled at my arm and we started down the beaten path.

The End

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