It's Elementary

        "Seriously, guys," I spoke after a long pause, "do you have any ideas?"

         "Well," Nichole started with a know-it-all kind of voice, "obviously the trail forks and we must pick the right path. The rest of the line normally talks about the path less traveled, so I think we should do that."

        Mark's sass showed when he retorted, "Thank you, captain obvious, but you seemed to have missed the point. The line was replaced with a line from Poe's the "Raven." So the path has to do with the "Raven," not Frost."

       I muttered to myself, "What does poetry have to do with any of this? Or Poe? Poetry... Poe-a-tree. Eureka! Poe Tree! The path is denoted by a Poe-themed tree."

       "That seems to be a likely possibility, so let's move on the second clue." Mark quickly read through the clues again. "So once we come to a river, we must choose a direction. It says left-handed people would know the..."

       Nichole cut him off, "So, obviously we go left, it's a no-brainer."

        I was feeling a little salty listening to Nichole. "By it, you mean you because you are completely wrong. The clue says you must use the compass rose, therefore they are referring to the fact left-handed people are also called South-paws. So actually, we go south, not left," I scoffed.

       "Oh, I know the last one," Casey exclaimed, talking for the first time since the group was formed. "We have to find the house with the softest dynamic inscribed."

        "Good job," I replied dryly. All of a sudden, the sound of a gun firing rang through the air.

      Fletcher shouted, "Don't just stand there, run!" The five minutes were up and all the teams sprinted towards the woods.

The End

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