You've Got Mail

        Joseph Fletcher distributed envelopes- which contained the clues for the maze- to each group. "The second part of the competition starts an hour after sundown, get to the building before sundown if you want to eat. On the count of three, you will have 5 minutes to discuss the clues with your group. After the 5 minutes I will fire this gun, signalling that you can enter the forest and begin your quest. Open your clues in 1... 2... 3! Go!"

        I ripped open the envelope and read the letter aloud to my group. "'Dear travelers, I have set aside some advice so your group may be the first to finish this leg of the quest and receive a victory reward. This is the first advice for you: 'Two roads diverge in a yellow wood and the raven quoth Nevermore.' Follow the road and now for the second clue. Once you reach the riverbank, you must decide which direction to take. Use the compass rose my friend, left-handed people know the answer in the end.

       "'Choose correctly and you will find a line of buildings far and wide. But music scholar's be advised, heed my warning or you'll face treble. Each building is marked with a note and danger is expressed in volume. Find the quietest one my friend and you will be safe in the end. Each building is a maze, but you are on your own again. Happy travels.' So, what do we make of these clues?"

The End

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