In Loving Memory

       I don't remember what happened in the morning, but I remember being in a small town. Actually, I was on the outside of town by a farm. Yes, I can clearly remember the barren fields. There was a gathering of people near the edge of the forest. I joined the group and was about to ask what was going on when an older, official looking gentlemen stepped up on a small platform.

      The man waited for the crowd to hush before he spoke. "Today, we are gathered here to honor Violet Grace Hayes. The young 7 year old died too early, and now she rests beneath our feet. Violet has become part of this field since she was buried 50 years ago. Every year we dedicate this competition to Violet in the hopes of a good growing season, so our citizens can continue to prosper. Let us have a moment of silence for Violet Grace Hayes." Everyone bowed their heads then the man spoke again. "Here is Joseph Fletcher to explain the rules."

      "Thank you all for coming. This competition is made up of four parts. You will get instructions for each part at the completion of the previous part. The first part of the competition is a bit of a maze. You will be given a set of clues that will help you to find your way to the checkpoint. Here are the groups." Joseph Fletcher listed off the groups and everyone scrambled about to find their teammates. 

      I was placed in a group with my percussion instructor Mark, Nichole- a freshman, and Casey- a middle schooler. Before we could talk, everyone was herded towards an opening in the tree line.

The End

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