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This one's going to be a multi-chaptered fic. I already have a plan for five or six chapters, two of which are mostly or completely written. Anyway, just a summary of the books really, but with a twist. SPOILER ALERT.

I will never forget the way you first asked me out on a date. Nervously hopping from foot to foot, you stammered in a language I assume was meant to be English. Your blood rushed to your cheeks as you blushed like I had never seen you before. Except once.

Of course, you felt the need to blink every two seconds and to run your hand nervously through your hair more often than usual, but you have always looked attractive to me, even when you look like you’re about to suffer from a bit of epilepsy accompanied with OCD. I love how vulnerable and trusting you looked just then. You were placing your heart into my hands to crush or to make complete.

Eyes wide but somehow blinking constantly, you waited with bated breath as I pretended to even consider saying no. Why you doubted me for that moment I will never know. The only things I do know are the look of pure joy that crossed your face when I consented, that carefree, ecstatic look that I thought was reserved for other more important things, and that image of you nervously awaiting my answer.

I will never forget when you saved me from the troll. Determination etched on your every feature, you brazenly burst into the girls’ lavatory, not caring what happened to you as long as I was safe. You somewhat have always been a bit of a devil-may-care type of person when it comes to your own life. I guess with the whole deranged psychopath nearly killing all three of us during our seven years in school you have learned a lesson here and there. When you saved me from the troll, you could have died that day. But you didn’t, because of your quick thinking and large, loving heart. That heart that never seems to run out of love is probably one of the things that first attracted me to you in the first place.

I will never forget when we went after the Sorcerer’s Stone. We were barely old enough to go to school, and yet we still did it. We tried to stop a fully-grown maddened wizard with fully developed powers from stealing a stone that gave eternal life and riches, and we somehow succeeded. How mature and relaxed you looked afterwards! You didn’t seem to be the same person, but you were. You will always be my sensitive man, my caring, understanding best friend. Most people don’t know when they fall in love with someone, but I do. The moment we met, even my twelve-year-old brain could comprehend that you were to one that would lead me into the unknown. The one I was meant for and you in turn for me.

I will never forget all those experiences in second year. How fiercely protective of me you were! The look on your face when Malfoy called me that awful word, and how furious you were will always remain in my memory. The Hospital Wing is also such a memorable time for me. You always sat by my bed, held my hand. I know because Madame Pomfrey actually asked me if we were romantically entangled after I was awakened. That’s why I was late to the feast. That bothersome woman actually asked me about my love life! But, oh, how I love her anyway! She was the one who first opened up the possibility of ‘us’ as a unit to me. A school nurse!

I will never forget third year. That was the year you two ostracized me. The fact that you were angry with me over a broom will always haunt me. I realize that you were both immature thirteen-year-old boys, but did you really have to be so hurtful and callous to me? So cruel? When you actually apologized to me and swallowed your pride, I couldn’t believe it. I nearly broke down right there I was so relieved.

The Shrieking Shack followed, and oh, what a terrible and wonderful experience it was! Family was reunited, along with old friends, but murderers infiltrated our midst. I suppose if Peter had not been around, we wouldn’t have believed them, but why oh why did he have to escape? The resuming chase still remains in my memories as one of my fondest. That was the only time when school wasn’t in the equation for me. We were free to be whomever we wanted, and I saw how sensitive you truly were.

I will never forget the Yule Ball. When I emerged in my beautiful robes and you stared at me, I knew that I had finally shaken off my identity as the sex-less bookworm. I was desirable, and, if that look in your eyes was any hint, you knew it. Your date had such a sour look on her face, and I couldn’t help but want to gloat at her. “You see!” I wanted to say. “Even we ‘unattractive’ women can capture men’s hearts that you only wish you could!” I then realized what a woman I was, as did you. That night was full of discoveries.

I will never forget the Tri-Wizard Tournament either. Oh, I was so stressed out and worried throughout the whole thing when we were all fighting, but then we all gradually made up just so that we could help in simply living through that tournament. I can’t believe that we had to grow up so fast when it came to living. We were already worrying about death in just first year, actually. And in fourth year we still were worried and trying to protect ourselves from it no matter what. I guess that those lessons have still lived on in us even after the War.

I will never forget fifth year at the Ministry. I couldn’t help but want to protect you from all the evil in the world. That was the year you lost your optimistic outlook, your naïveté. Sure, it can be argued that it disappeared long before that, but I think that then is when every shred of it was gone, leaving a distraught young boy in its place, unsure of himself. The world had come and swept your feet out from underneath you, sending you crashing back to earth in such an unceremonious fashion.

You may have been disillusioned as to how good the world actually is, but you have returned from that dark pit of despair, and I couldn’t be any more in love with you if I tried. You bounced back, you conquered your demons and overcame all that adversity, and you turned out better for it. I love you with an infinite amount of hearts’ worth just for those moments in life when you just let everything wash off you and emerged a better and stronger equal. I am so proud of you.

I will never forget sixth year at Hogwarts. That harlot stole your attention from me, and I honestly thought that you could never love me with the intensity with which I love you. Then, you amazed me by breaking free of her charms. You almost always surprise me when I think that I know you the most. You surprise me with some attribute that I never could’ve known you had.

I will always remember the first time I saw you cry. My heart simply broke at the sight. You looked so miserable, broken. I fell in love with you all over again as you poured your soul out for all to see. You will never cease to amaze me with your awe-inspiring sensitivity.

I will never forget the first time I made you laugh. You gave me this quizzical look as if I were acting abnormally. Then, you threw your head back and laughed. Sincere and open, my favorite memories are of you laughing. You always seemed to just leave all the troubles of the world behind you. Every time you laugh, I fall in love with you more.

I will never forget the Final Battle. You lost so much, and yet you continued to carry on. You lost family, friends, mentors, and support, but you never wavered, you always carried on. Stalwart is the word. I never considered you more admirable than in that moment of victory. You remain frozen that way in my memories. Free, released, loved.

I, Hermione Granger Potter, will never forget you, Harry James Potter.

The End

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