Never Forget



It all started at a club.

I was told by my too eager best friend Kat that there would be celebrities in this particular hole. I, being the faithful best friend, followed.

The lights were bright in the darkened club and the people that where there were high class; including the guy that would not rub off of me. His arm casually went around my neck and his hot lips kept stealing pecks at my neck. His friend was busy entertaining Kat and I had no backup in this situation.

If I would have had the decency to pay attention then none of what was about to happen would have happened.

My black hair was swinging in its ponytail as the rude barbarian that called himself a man held on tighter to my shoulders. Finally I shoved myself away, too easy, I thought, but I was free—beggars can't be choosers.

Walking past what I was sure were celebrities, I sat at the bar. I was by myself, but I enjoyed the peace. I sipped that drink that had not left my hand and I glanced all about me. Everyone was decked out in expensive clothing and not one person appeared to be somewhat lucid; everyone was drunk. What a party. The stench of sweat filled my nostrils and I gagged as a particularly smelly couple crossed my path. How Kat could do this I did not know, but I always followed her; for the thrill.

I was feeling tired, I had worked all of yesterday and today I had spent most of the day on the plane with Kat. She had bought us some tickets (without my knowing) and had insisted that we go to some of the year’s biggest parties and clubs... forgetting that I worked all of next week. I finished my drink and spotted Kat to my left, several people down at the bar. She was no longer bothered by the gross lines of the too-desperate guy that had accosted her earlier.

Making my way through the crowd she met my stare and briefly said something to the tall Asian that she had been talking to, I did not ignore his charming good looks.

"What's wrong?" She asked, this was always the key question when we went out.

"I'm a little tired, do you want me to wait for you or do you think I can go home?" I answered her with another question, to which she nodded.

"I'm fine, thanks to Max here," On cue, she placed a hand on Max's back, the tall Asian. "Do you want me to hail you a cab?"

The music was deafening and I had to strain to hear her, "What?"

She made little movements with her hands to indicate us walking. "Do you—" she signaled to me "—want me—" to herself "—to help you hail—" a motion of whistling was her act now "—a taxi?"

I understood her meaning and shook my head, I did not want to be her buzz kill; I would never hear the end of it tomorrow. "No." I mouthed and smiled so she could see that it was all right.

With a wave I made my way out of the club, almost staggering. Wow, I was tired. As I walked towards the business roads of downtown Los Angeles, I heard the club door open behind me.

"Honestly Kat, it's okay!" I slurred, why was my body acting like this? But when I turned around I was not facing Kat, but a tall man. My vision was becoming foggy and I could make out that it was a man, and that he was questioning me.

"Are you all right?" He kept asking, a slight accent in his voice.

All I could do was nod and giggle like a fool.

"Listen ma'am, I think you've been drugged—"

"—me?" Was all I could say without laughing some more.

"Yes, now, please tell me, what is your name?"

"You're tall!" I observed.

"Ma'am please, what is your name?"

"Cassi—" I began, but my eyes were too heavy for me to keep up "—dy."


When I awoke my head was as sore as if someone had done jumping jacks on it. My mouth was dry and my tongue felt like sandpaper. My eyes burned as I took in the sunlight that shone brightly from God only knew where and my body ached.

"You're awake... Cassidy." I heard a voice from what I presumed to be the doorway of the room I was in and I looked up (painfully may I add).

My throat was sore and it burned with the need to talk. "Yes, where am I?"

"You're in my home." My vision cleared and the image of the stranger became clearer. He was extremely tall, his broad arms were crossed across his lean chest, and his stance was confident. His blue eyes were dark and his blond hair was a shade lighter than Kat's.

He was beautiful.

My silence must have been surprising since he walked towards the bed and sat down beside me. "My name is Alexander Plowdwick and you are in my apartment. You were outside of the club last night after a man had drugged your drink... I am afraid that if I had not found you he would have."

Realization dawned on me and I felt weak then. I laid back and began crying, this one definitely beat out all of my past events. But then something came into my head and I looked up at Alex, who was now stroking my arm, trying to calm me down.

"What about Kat, my friend?"

"She walked out as you were fainting; she is in the guest room."

I sighed, a note of relief escaping me and before falling asleep from exhaustion I whispered, "Thank you Alex."


It had been three days since I had awoken in Alex's apartment. Kat was back at the hotel room packing up our things and she had told me, no, instructed me to stay here and wait for her.

I had learned that Alex was an actor; I wasn't very surprised.

He had also told me that he had been raised in Sweden by his mother after his American father had vanished. He had several siblings, but he was the youngest; at the ripe age of twenty-seven he wasn't that old.

I told him that I in turn was twenty-four and an only child. My mother and father had divorced when I was seven and I was just a normal person who worked at a clothing store.

He told me his favorite food was spaghetti and I agreed. That is one of the reasons why I wasn't very surprised to smell the tomato sauce that was cooking in the kitchen.

I stood up to see how he was doing in the kitchen and was presented a scene where water was overflowing. I ran to the stove and quickly uncovered the lid, letting the steam out and causing the water to stop falling in boiling drops onto the burning stove.

"Oh, I forgot about that," came the hurried voice from behind me and I turned with a laugh. "If you weren't here the whole place would have burned down!"

I laughed and moved aside to let him cook. As I walked past him he brushed my side.

How all of the following events happened I could only explain minute by minute. The single brush brought us closer and in bringing us closer, his mouth was suddenly on mine; warm and sweet. His scent was hypnotic and I soon found my arms around his neck, within seconds we were in his room and on his bed.


I found myself several hours later half asleep in the arms of an attractive actor called Alexander. His breath was warm on my neck and his heart beat softly behind my back. I disengaged myself from him softly and sat on the edge of the bed quietly. A silent tear crawled down my cheek. My cell phone was in my hand and a text from Kat was open, "The plane will be leaving in an hour, I'll pick you up now."

I turned and kissed Alex, my savior and now my lover, on the cheek and he mumbled something that sounded oddly like my name.

I got dressed and picked up my things. I was writing a note for him when Kat called me to inform me that she was downstairs waiting for me. I put the note on the dining table and with one last look I stepped out of the apartment and Alexander's life.

Dear Alexander,

Thank you for protecting me, I will never forget your kindness. You turned out to be a great friend in a city where no one is trustworthy. I ended up admiring you for saving me, trusting you for caring for me, and loving you. I would not have asked for anything lesser from you as a goodbye present.

I will never forget you, Love Cassidy


The End

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