Never, Ever

I realised what I’d done as soon as the door closed. Anger had reddened my face, but inside I was filled with stronger emotions. Sadness, guilt, relief even. He had brought this on himself, and he deserved what he got. After all, nothing lasts forever.

Sun leaked into the atrium through its long glass roof. Students hurried to and fro, gathering each other up in huge herds to terrorize the streets. A few of the quieter, lazier teens sat on the broken metal benches, eating their chicken mayo baguettes in peace. I was one of the lazy ones, standing in the least circular circles in history, trying to participate in three different discussions at the same time. Melanie, Kayla and Denise were ranting about how oranges and satsumas were really the same thing. Anna was trying to chase the first years out of our territory. I, however, was trapped with Sam’s ‘protective’ arm around me, listening to the constant scientific nonsense departing his mouth.

Sam wasn’t my boyfriend. He hadn’t been for a long time, if we wereevertogether. It was all for the sake of his reputation. Without me, he was just that irritating guy that knows everything of any scientific importance. Without me, he was just a teacher’s pet. Without me, he was a no one.

It was like I’d been sucked into a fantasy when I was with him, and not the good kind. As if I’d turned into Katniss, and I was Peeta’s only hope. It was like we were faking our love to survive. To survive what though? High school? I didn’t know then, and I never will.

The big hand struck ten and the bell screamed. Running wasn’t my strong point, but I managed to escape his grasp in a record time. I arrived at my class out of breath. Never had anyone been so glad to be in English.

The End

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