Never Enough--3


''GUSTAV!!!'' Screamed Honeyblossom in her strong German accent. ''What is this?!?!'' she asked, pointing to Elizabeth.
''I-I-I just didn't want to kill her so I changed her.'' Gustav replied.
''That doesn't mean you had to bite her at all!!''
''But I-''
''No! No, Gustav. I told you! Over and over! We just don't have enough room right now!''
''Honeyblossom, be reasonable. I needed my strength, but I didn't want to kill. so I changed her. why is that such a problem?''
''Because you need to learn that you just don't create mates out of random girls you see walking down the street!!'' Honeyblossom's sister, Marie, stepped out from behind a tree.
''I can't take you two fighting all the time!!'' Marie screamed. ''I WILL NOT be a mediator anymore!!! my gosh, just let her live as a vamp. She'll kill herself once she finds out what it’s really like.''
''Not on my watch!!'' Gustav screamed. He wouldn't let Elizabeth do that. Never! ''And Honeyblossom, I didn't just find her. I've been...seeing her. For the past month!!''
“Seeing?” Honeyblossom asked, concerned. She looked as if she brushed it off, and then added, ''Ah, so that's where you've been going.'' With a slight hint of smugness in her voice.
''Where is this Elizabeth, Anyway?'' Marie questioned

Elizabeth stared at the three people in confusion. She hadn’t understood a single word they said! They were all speaking German!!! Gustav pointed at Elizabeth after the smaller, more pixie-like girl asked a question in the strange tongue. The pixie looked at her, and stared, for quite some time. and then out of nowhere, Gustav screamed, ''MARIE, NO!'' and the one called Marie sprung toward Elizabeth.

The End

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