Never Enough--2

Gustav lifted his head from Elizabeth’s throat, and he carried her into the nearest clearing. ''Alright...hold it together...she isn't dead, she's changing,'' he said to himself. It was a stupid move, and he knew it. How could even think about biting Elizabeth? Of all people….He was going to be in deep, deep trouble when he tells Honeyblossom...then she awoke.

Elizabeth woke in a fog. Where was she? She had forgotten everything since he bit her. she didn't know what was going on...she felt she would just go to sleep, when he entered the clearing she woke up in. Then she saw him, the one who kidnapped her. ''Who-who are you?'' she asked him, very confused.
''My name is Gustav'' he answered. His voice was a velvet, smooth and rough at the same time.
''and who am I?'' she asked again.
''Elizabeth.'' He Said, verifying her identity, staring at her lovingly.
*I Wonder how he knows me....* she thought...and he smiled. ''Oh! I remember things now....just some. The year is....1754!''
''Haha, you have the year. I can promise that you will remember everything tomorrow, after you've eaten.''
''Eaten?'' Elizabeth replied, and then a beautiful girl came into the clearing.

The End

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