Never Ending NightsMature

The first installment of the never ending nights series.

The suited man looked down on me with one raised eye brow. His polished shoes glinting in the corner of my eye. I looked up at him and noticed his deep silk black eyes like a stag beetles shining shell.

I felt really strange because I was sat on the subway floor in a moulding jacket next to my green sleeping bag and rucksack. A gust of chilling wind echoed through the tunnel. The suited man still stood staring and finally spoke.

“You need to come with me it is urgent. I will save you from this life on the street.”

My mind was spinning I had no idea what to say but it seems the man had all ready made up his mind. He grabbed hold of my shoulder and as he did so I felt his finger nails pierce the skin.

Everything around me began blurring and changing shape and before my eyes we were in an old shop. I looked around to see the suited man but he was nowhere to be seen.

The room was cold and smelt slightly of a deep musky wine. Red and white striped wallpaper was on the walls although cracked and ripping in some places. The mirrors lining the walls were smashed and so were the leather chairs in front of them. In the corner there was a single rocking chair rocking back and forth slowly but surely.

The suited man appeared but looked different - His tie was loose and his blazer was ripped. He stumbled over to me and said,

“Are you ready to have power. Power no human can imagine?”

“This is messed I’m out of here.” I replied feeling worried.

He propelled himself of the ground and on to me, knocking me down.

“Were are you going?” He said covering me in saliva.

He clamped me to the ground with his hands. The bone crushing force of his strength was overwhelmingly painful. He bared his teeth and clasped his mouth onto my neck, it was the must excruciating pain possible for someone to endure without passing out.

He stood up and wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

“Ha. Welcome to the fight, boy.” He finished his sentence and then disappeared in front of my eyes.

The End

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