Not All Stories Have Happy Endings

The never Ending Nightmare
Never ending......

Suffer in silence forever.
No hero to save me, for no one knew I was here.
No one is born a hero, they just become one.
But my story has no night in shinning armor to come whisk me away. Only the monsters..... but hero's are not the only saviour.But who else?

A bone hand griped around my face.
It tightend it's hold!
Hands of bones began to rise up a grab me.....
Pulling me down



Opening my eyes,I could only see from one.
Seeing my family, I cried out for them to help me.
Going down further.
They just stood there watching me sink. 
Feeling my heart wreanched open! Yelling for them to help. To help save me....but they just stared.

They began to change, their faces replaced by hollow ones.
Their bodies collapesd.
Turning into dust to be torn away in the wind....torn away from my heart.
Never to return.

A Never Ending Nightmare.......

Never Ending........


The End

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