Things that go bump in the night

Something bumped my foot. Opening my eyes I saw red, glistering ones staring back, as if they were crying tears of blood. But no these were hard a cold, no passion was ever felt by these eyes. These eyes were the eyes of a nightmare.

I felt something on my neck...Suddenly the floor boards felll away. The thing around my neck began to tighten it's grip...breathing became immpossible. The thing with red eyes swooped down aiming with it red claws to one target, my eyes, but at the last moment it stoped and hovered there as if in supended animation.

The leader of the creatures was back. It loomed over me blocking out the light from the window. It smiled at me and said,

'sweet dreams'

In a voice that turned my very being into ice. Then it just stared...they all stared the 'bird' in front of me, the monster up above and the thousands of eyes...staring.

Trying to slip out of the noose around my neck, beginning to wish for the torture to end. I felt rough scaly skin under my fingers. Not even pauseing to investiget, tried to losen it. But ,like birthday wishes that you say out loud, my wish backfired.

The scaley rope let go and I fell...just kept falling.




The End

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