Never Ending Nightmare

Short story about....well a never ending Nightmare. Someone trapped in there own mind never allowed to leave... but kept alive..... is this what will happen to all of us?

I tried picturing myself elsewhere but it never stayed long. I couldn't move, couldn't cry for help.

I just lay there, trying to stay calm.... trying to stop the rush of panic flowing up like a balloon about to burst! But the thing came kept coming back to taunt my, to stand there at my feet, as if saying

'You are mine. I shall never let you go. This is the never ending Nightmare'

The thing left after ten? Fifth-teen? minuets... who can tell? Days turn into months...Months into minuets. The thing would be back, it always comes back.

I just stayed there. Alone.

I looked to my left and again saw the windows. So close yet so far. I again heard the taunting, uneven 'tap tap' of the bare tree against the window. When looking at the tree it looked like a hand reaching out to snatch me away in the dead of night....I wish it would.

I didn't look to my right, what was there was just too strange. Thousands of pictures of eyes, full of fear staring at the point on which I now lay. Almost as if they knew a secret that they would not share.It would happen to me...

I felt the floor board's shift against me, and a new sheen of sweat started on my forehead. A chill went up my spine. I thought back to my family, but all that was left were hollow faces.


The End

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