Chapter 6: EzraMature

Allison cried for days, I did too, but I would never admit it. Leo has been there with me through everything and a few hours before he died all he felt for me was hatred. But, I knew that he was happy. He always had everything figured out and here was me, lost, confused and living a life that wasn’t mine.  

I guess that's the thing about artists, they know themselves and they know everyone else. That’s what Leo was, an artist.  

I’ve done everything the right way all my life, Leo always told me I need to live outside the lines. He always said I didn’t want to work for section 7 and now I realize he was right. I did it for my dad and I never should have done that.

He’s gone and he's still teaching me things…

Over the next few weeks solar flares would kill people, the sun would shrink more and all water would freeze. Then one day the sun just exploded and just like that humans were but a memory...never making a mark on the universe.

The End

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