Chapter 5: EzraMature

The phone call was from work. They wanted me at headquarters. I got dressed and headed down, thankfully I had my own car. The taxis that normally littered the streets were gone, smashed glass was all over the sidewalks. How had such destruction happened in just a day? Humans were truly animals...fighting for the scraps of a dying world. I had heard of riots in other countries, but here in Geneva, everyone was hiding in their homes. Probably barricading their doors and holding their guns right next to them. Occasionally I would see someone dressed in black slipping through cars or into alleyways, but besides them, the streets were nearly empty.

I arrived at the main offices in a few short minutes, outside stood a man in full uniform.

“Mr. Frueh, I am Mr. Thomas assistant supervisor of section 7, Geneva division.” Said the older looking man as I got out of my car. He held his hand out and I shook it.

“I was called in.” I questioned, in the most respectful way I could.

“Yes, several officials have been escorted out of the city…” He sighed and swallowed in almost a nervous manor.

“I would assume.” I said with suspicion.

“Many men have died to protect them, recruits are nearly all that left.” He cleared his throat.

“What do you mean they’ve died?” I asked almost scared.

“People are blaming them for what's happening, I can’t explain it and it’s not your job to ask.” He said sternly.

“There is one last person to escort and we need you on the team.” He grunted.

“But I’ve only had one day-” I started to argue.

“That’s an order!” He cut me off.

I followed Mr. Thomas inside, he got me ready in my gear and showed me to the car. I sat inside as we drove across town to pick up the head of the treasury department. Everything went smoothly, he was placed in the car and brought back to base. After he was taken into security I was told to leave. I had a feeling this was the last and first time I would ever do my job…

On my way home I drove slower...I wasn’t looking forward to seeing Leo. He had gotten so upset about the photos I didn’t understand. About a block from our house I noticed someone on the side of the street walking, it looked oddly like my best friend. I slowed down and looked closer, it was Leo.

A dark figure came out of an ally and stood in his path. My mind raced and I reached for my glove compartment where I kept a gun. Before I could even draw my weapon a flash went off and a loud bang pierced my ears. Leo’s body fell to the ground.

I screamed, I threw open my car door and ran to his body. Somewhere the figure had ducked away. I dropped on my knees next to his body.

“Leo,” I said nearly crying.

I watched as my best friend took his final breath…

The End

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