Chapter 3: EzraMature

I hate journaling, like actually hate it. Feels like some sort of violation, what if someone finds it? But I saw Leo doing it, it seemed to help him so I thought I would give it a try. Of course I had to start from the beginning, but now we’re here...In the beginning of what, I’m sure is gonna be a shit storm.

The crime is the worst part. We leave the TV on all the time now and they're always talking about it, all the break ins and the theft. It’s like the human race is trying to destroy itself, we were all gonna die anyways, why does it matter if you have a TV or a’s over. Thankfully Leo grew up with cautious parents who taught him to keep non perishable food and supplies, or we would have been screwed.

None of the scientist could agree on how long we had. Some said we had days, others months, only a handful said more than 8 months. I guess this was it maybe a few more months and it’s all over….everything that we thought mattered didn’t anymore.

People were taking to the street, breaking into stores, stealing things...killing people. I was expecting to get a call from work but nothing came, every few minutes I checked my phone, almost as if I was hoping for an escape.

I was cold, but there was no blanket in sight. I slumped off into the hall and checked the closet, I looked around but there was no blanket so I walked into Leo’s room. Leo and Allison were asleep on the couch where they had been for a few hours. I shifted around the room and noticed a pile of almost every blanket we owned in the corner. I sighed, this was so him, taking everything without asking. I bend over to shift the blankets and lose my balance hitting his dresser, a folder falls onto the ground spilling photos.

Now I’m not an artist, never have been, but the photographs that were laying on the ground were beautiful. Images or bees flying right next to flowers, different angles of buildings and people. They were amazing.

I pick up a few and carry them into the living room.

Leo is awake sitting up on the couch, he drinks a sip of his coffee. “Leo...these are amazing.” I said showing him the pictures. 

“Why do you have those?!” He said with anger.

“I just found them, but they’re…”

“WHY WERE YOU IN MY ROOM” He yells, cutting me off.

“I went to get blankets, I’m sorry.” I stammered, surprised.

Suddenly there was a flash of light outside, an ear shattering crack spread across the room and I cringed. The lights and TV went out.

My phone rang…

The End

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