Chapter 1: EzraMature

Sometimes in tragedy we find our lives purpose... A tragedy beyond worlds, 2 men struggle to stabilize themselves and their loved ones as the force that holds the solar system together is dying. In the year 2116 the sun is dying, solar flares cause spikes of radiation and the sun begins to shrink. Ezra and Leo, best friends since middle school, fight to keep their families safe in an unrecognizable world. Their country, Switzerland, is thrown into chaos and when all hope is lost one of them migh

Looking back, I would have done so many things differently...I would have never ignored that call from my mom. I wouldn’t have yelled at Allison about the dishes because in the end who really cares about something so petty. It was the first day of my new job and it was a day I will never forget, I started my first day at the Section 7, a division of the Swiss government that handles the safety of officials and money laundering. I was only twenty-five, fresh out of college, I should have never gotten the job but my dad was a well respected veteran and he called some old contacts. I left the apartment that day, Leo of course still on the couch, as always. He was lazy, a photographer, I always made fun of him about his job telling him it wasn’t real just pictures anyone with a phone or watch could do the same thing. I never understood why his girlfriend didn’t care, Allison, she was a lawyer, a good one and a little older than the two of us. Nevertheless, the day went by, I was greeted by Nicole Kroft, my new supervisor. She assured me I would love it at section 7, I might have...if things hadn’t changed. I went through orientation and the beginning of training - nothing special.

I returned home from work that night to find Leo asleep on the floor, a display of pictures of cloth cast on the ground from his watch.

I nudged him with my foot, “I’m home” I muttered with slight annoyance. “Have you gotten anything done today?!” I grumbled.

“Plenty,” he answered, throwing his middle finger in the air at me.

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the couch plopping down. Allison wouldn’t be home for a few more hours, she always worked late. I wish I could have frozen that moment in time, right before I turned on the TV when my biggest problem was my lazy best friend. I wish I could have never found out what was being said on the air waves…

I heard Leo get up off the ground and he found his way next to me on the couch. I told the TV to turn on the news and it obeyed, as always. There was Mr. Mathias reporting on about the new transit pack that made air travel safer, new inventions were an obsession of him. I should have changed channels but I didn’t, instead I looked down at my watch and clicked on the screen to check the time, 7:24 p.m. April 14th, 2116. The first day of recorded decay. Suddenly there was a loud beeping on the screen and my eyes shot up to the screen. The screen was flashed red and the beeping continued for a moment, then it stopped, it stopped just like my heart was about to. Mathias’s face returned to the screen.

“There is some news…” He stuttered. In the background of the studio someone screamed. His eyes flinched away and his fake plastered smile dropped. “The sun is dying…” he said. Every part of my body froze.

“New reports of solar flares caused professionals to monitor the sun more closely and they have found the sun is beginning to shrink. About one hundred years ago much of the population believed that when the sun died it would expand and then shrink but technology nearly three decades ago proved this observation wrong. Now we are watching our own sun die.”

Leo shuffled next to me and I heard him dial a number on his phone. He stood up and began to pace, but I just sat there stunned. I was unable to speak, unable to move. That night we sat there and watched the news all night, Leo finally got ahold of Allison and she came home. Leo and I just sat and stared at the screen as scientist came on screen and explained everything, they displayed videos of people that had been impacted by the solar flares, temperature reports from southern countries. No one had noticed...How had no one noticed that the very thing that held the solar system together was dying? How had we missed our own demise? Were we truly so caught up in our own miniscule problems to notice we were all completely screwed? I guess that's the irony of life, or at least mine, I never realize how much of an ass I made of myself until it was already done.

The End

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