Never Drinking This AgainMature

Basically, it is about drinking and blacking out, only to wake up again. The poem might seem a bit off but that was because I was typing it to an instrumental I had on spotify.

I've been drinking the best thing since last year

Looking at my cup I think I need more beer

Straight to the kitchen I stumble and fall,

I think to myself, "God, I think I'm such a queer."

But maybe being a queer should be my last fear

What if I had a car and knew I couldn't fuckin' steer

Hit a young couple eating a McDouble

Then had the girl crying as she shed her last tear.

The boy died on the scene that night

The girl died in the Ambulance, she lost the fight

Officials officially stopped searching for me

I was five blocks away...out of sight.

I walk into the liquor store to get me a bottle of vodka

Same night I got a random stranger knocked up

She screamed "why?" and cried

She about died inside

But I sat up and laughed... "ha ha"

On the sidewalk again I see a random raccoon hop into a trash bin

Took my shirt lit it in my bottle and threw it at the animal

Called up my homie then ask, "How've you been?"

Looked back and saw my shoes in the road,

why are they back there?

I have no clue.

Strange as it seems, I walk back with my skin bare.

Bent down and the shoes got brighter

My vision seemed lighter

My ears screamed louder

Next thing I saw was a semi

Then I realized I drew the black straw

I then wake up on the floor of the house I was in

Skin bare with meat on me, it was raw.

Never drinking this shit again

...Gotta call my friend up and ask, "How've you been?"

The End

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