The Previous Week

     This week was going to be the best week of Berts life he had a girl at school who liked him just as much as he had loved her all of his life. His friends didn't have to work and he had plans for there to be a big party bash at his house on Friday. On any other day Bert would have rather amputated his arm off then go to school but he wanted to be the first to ask Michelle to go to the party. He stumbled out of bed blood rushing to his head for he had stood up to fast, and made way to the bathroom, he noticed his eyes were still blood shot from the yesterday smoke of pot but oh well Michelle didn't care. After Bert gets done using the bathroom he slips on navy blue jeans and a black Nirvana tshirt, and actually bothering today, put on some very delicous smell of cologne.

     He didn't bother eating but ran out of the house, backpack in hand, not surprised to see his best friend Garrett parked in front of his house. He hopps into the shotgun of thedark blue 1994 Mustange that had some oddly placed stripes on its sides.        "You can get into the back" Garrett says not even looking in his direction. Bert knows hes just being a jackass and climbs into back as requested nothing was going to bring him down today, for all he knew.
" Oh, and my days going good thanks for asking. How is your doing?" Bert intends to return being a jerk but Garrett has to emotion showing to indicate that he was angery, it was freaky when he did this.
"Lovely." Garrett says in his monotone voice. They pull up by Shawns house Garrett didnt trust parking into the driveway, he didnt want his amazing beauty (car) to get damaged. Shawn takes more of his time then Bert did and after he climbed into shotgun, which Garrett had no problem with, they headed into the direction of school, he could almost see Michelle's stunning smile.

The End

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