Turning 25Mature

I climb out of bed and walk into the living room - Eliza is curled up on the sofa and Ashita is standing on her head in the middle of my living room. Its such comfort - some things will never change. She quickly completes the sequence, rolls up her yoga mat and turns to me. " You look like hell, want some tea ?" I nod gingerly, every movement seems to send pain shooting down my arm. 

As I sip the steaming hot liquid I try to recollect and piece together the incidents of yesterday. " What happened ?" I croak. "Don't you remember  ?" Ashita asks , her eyes turning as big as saucepans. Stupid girl , if I remembered would I be asking her ? " No, I don't so could you please tell me ?"

" Well I don't know the whole story but I think we'll wait for Liz to get up and then we'll have a go at it ."

" No, I want to know now !" I try shouting but the louder my voice goes the faster my head pounds and I end up whispering " pleeeease ?"

" No " she's got her mysterious half smile on her face " we'll wait ". I now realize that there is no point badgering her. " Besides your mum called and left some 20 messages last night and today morning. I finally thought I'd put her out of her misery and answered the phone . I told her that you had gone to church early. It being your birthday and all. So you might want to get back to her."

The End

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