Turning 25Mature

Ahh! Unggh! Finally I manage to move my right arm. It feels like I am coming out of surgery .

And even more slowly I manage to open one eyelid . The light is bright, too bright  and I immediately close it tight shut again. It is finally a good ten minutes before I manage to wake up and squint at the clock on the bedstand.

" 12 f*******g 40 ! What the hell was happening ? And why do I  feel like I had been thrown down a flight of stairs?"  My brain slowly starts processing info like Windows 95 accessing the internet  at 9.5 kbps. And then it hits my head - of course today was the big day - I turn 25 today . "Wow - 25 ! That's old . That's miserable - wish I had something to show for 25 years of existence on the planet !"

" It would have been so cool to have invented something, created something, become a rock star , become a minister or a political activist . I could have made my own company ( yeah right - the only thing I'd succeed in selling are classes on The Art of Dreaming !)Maybe to have hitchhiked through India ( actually which girl in her sane mind would do that ....I could see the headlines - 25 year old hitchhiker raped ,killed. ) and everyone would bemoan the ungrateful daughter who disregarded her parents advise."

"Atleast if I had a boyfriend ....I wonder if there is any 25 year old on this planet who hasn't had a boyfriend? And to be 25 and never been kissed? Is there something wrong with me? Wish I looked like Deepika Padukone or even better Penelope Cruz. I am sure they never had any problems in dealings with the opposite sex. Talk  about some people having all the luck! "

And while my brain had picked up speed and was cruising at around 100 kbps on the introspection highway my cell started to blurb out my favouritest tune from Corrs " Forgiven not forgotten". Crap it was my mother. Let it ring for a while . I hadn't even brushed or prayed yet and there was no way on this planet that I was going to pick up her call until after that. 

The End

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