Never Been KissedMature

    "Where is it ...where is it ?" It was like some cruel joke , no matter how hard i squinted and stared and how many times i flipped the pages over I just could not find where the departure timings were printed . And here were the airport security demanding to know which flight I was taking and when it was scheduled for departure. 

"Which flight,  madam?" He looks slightly more intimidating now. I try to tell him - Kingfisher Airlines . But nothing comes out of my mouth and this man is looking more threatening with each moment. "What was happening? First I forget when my fight is and now I cant speak?"

I want to cry . I want to run . But I just can't move . The security guards are crowding down on me . They are going to cuff me and throw me in some sort of Guantanamo Bay . " Help ! Help me ! " But no one noticed , they all just continued moving towards arrivals , departures or just milling around. Maybe it was because my lips were moving but no sound exuded out.

I had to move . I had to do something.

Then I woke up...


The End

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