Death Avenged

The air was thick with tension as the leader of the only wolf pack in North America looked down upon his dead son, who was resting in his coffin. If only he had listened. He would be alive, with a wife, not dead because of some she wolf that was 'destined to be with him' decided to betray him for another wolf.

Sighing, the alpha made sure his sunglasses covered his eyes, and his casual hoodie shielded his face from the press. This was the end. The pack was doomed, without an heir to the alpha throne.

Greg's distraught 'mate' sat beside his lifeless body, sobbing. Alpha Richard approached her, and, going against his moral code, forced her head up. As soon as their eyes met, he was overcome with pure fury. The nerve of her. SHE was the reason he didn't have a son. SHE was the reason the pack would no longer have an heir, and SHE was crying? As if he would allow that.

"Listen to me, and listen to me carefully." Richard hissed. "You are the cause of his death, it's your fault that you whored around with someone who wasn't your mate! You don't deserve to cry. You never knew him and you never will, because he's dead. You killed him! It was all you." Once again betraying he personal morals he had, Richard drew back his hand and slapped her, hard, across the cheek.

Her wide, blue doe eyes made her wear her emotions on her sleeve, and all Richard could see was fear. Good. She didn't deserve happiness. In fact, she would never have it. The Moon Goddess's curse was simple and yet torturous. If you knew that your mate was out there, and you were not obligated to find one to carry on your bloodline, then you were to search for them, until the end of time. If you gave up on them, then when they died, you would be trapped in life, knowing that you caused their death. You became a pauper, an outcast, and a dirty smudge to society. You were just as much of a murderer as a crazy maniac that killed in cold blood.

And what satisfied Richard most? You would be unable to find another, and you would only die of old age- something that would take very long, as werewolves aged slower than humans.

Yes, his son would be avenged. And in more ways than one. Smirking wickedly, Richard stared into the woman's pale blue eyes, terrifying her.

"You will pay," was the statement he whispered, before whirling into the night, as wolves howled their grievances, hoping that someone was hearing their tribute to the lost alpha son.

A/N: Aaand.. That's a wrap! This was just a plot bunny that popped up out of boredom. I would love some criticism... Anyone?

The End

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