Never Be With You

Because he'll never be with her. Not in this life, anyways.

This is a one-shot, based on James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful, It's True'. Thanks to anyone who read. (Pretty much no one. XP)

*9:00 am, Saturday Morning, New York*

"You have to mate, Greg! You know you'll die soon if you don't."

"Yeah, yeah, I know! But I haven't found her yet!" Greg snapped back at his father.

"Oh really?" Greg's father glared at him. "You have a WEEK left, Greg. Either you find her in three days, or you will be forced to mate with one of the pack females! SOMEBODY has to carry on the alpha line, and I don't care whether you do it with your mate, any random girl, or even your cousin! But we need you to be mated, the future of our entire pack depends on it!"

Greg doubled back as though he'd been hurt physically. "Yeah, dad?  

Did someone force YOU to mate? Did someone tell you that if you didn't find your intended within three days, you would be stuck with some random bimbo, no less, have kids with her! Did you find mom, or did your dad grab some random girl from the pack and say to go get married to her?"

Greg's father regarded him with a cool intensity. "You turn 18 in seven days, Greg. We can't afford to have you die, just because you're stubborn! I don't care what my father did. I don't care what he didn't do. You have three days, that's final!"

"You know what? Damn you. I hope you drop dead on the floor right now, you cruel monster! What's next, locking me in my room because I was a naughty boy? Well, I don't care. It doesn't even matter! Because if I don't find my mate in the next week, I will either accept that I wasn't meant to and die peacefully, or I will run from you. Either way, I REFUSE to take over this pack without my true mate by my side." Having said what he didn't know would be his last words to his father, Greg slipped from the room. The next morning, he was gone.

*11:30 am, One Week Later, Italy*

Getting onto the gondola, Greg thought about his situation. In half an hour, he had a tiny chance of finding his mate, since the world was so big, and he was only in a small part of it. But something had drawn him here. And that something had to be important...

Precisely twenty eight minutes later, Greg stepped off of the gondola. And something made him look up. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and angel in his eyes, was walking hand-in-hand with another man, who she pecked on the cheek. Greg winced from the physical pain of seeing it happen. He had never liked PDA.

And just like that, her head raised, and she turned towards him, and as they looked at each other, they both whispered, 'Mate.'

The clock struck 11:59:50.

Greg hissed in pain, and said, "My beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true. But I'll never be with you. I'll see you in another life, my love."

And it was suddenly noon in Venus, Italy. Passerby's were whispering, murmurs traveling across the square.

The saddest way to pass- just after quoting a James Blunt song to your would be beloved, after seeing her with another man. A tragedy indeed.

A/N: Yeah I know, I'm sure no one read that. I commend those who actually bothered to glance at my crap. I had fun though, combining the typical plot of a werewolf romance with a song, and giving it a twist. Sorry it's so short. Please tell me what you think, if anyone read this.

The End

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