Chapter 2: Boy

He pulls his hood up as he walks through the streets. His black boots splash into dirty city water and he frowns. He enters an alleyway and finds himself facing his customer. Her eyes are bloodshot and she looks alert, sick. He sighs and takes out the package out of his pocket. A folded brown paper bag could hide so much, in this case Opium. He holds the package out in front of him as if offering it to the woman. His other hand in his hood clutches a knife, just in case he needed it. The woman’s eyes widen and she leaps forward, controlled by the drug. He takes the knife out and puts it to the woman’s neck. “Pay first, you know the rules.” She looks at the bag and then at him, eyes begging. He lifts a brow and she hurries to break eye contact. Her shaking hands reach into her pocket and the boy tenses. She hurriedly takes out a ring and hands it to the boy. “This is all I have, it was my sister's, please take it. This is the only way I can be with her again.” The boy shakes his head and takes the ring. “Next time you owe me double.” He hisses and throws the packet at her. He hides the knife, turns toward the street, and starts walking. He was invisible, he lived in the invisible world. No one could see him but he was there, walking down the same streets everyone else walked, but he wasn't an anyone, he would never become one.

The End

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