Never AgainMature

"No!" I scream out, running to my fathers aid. I put a shaking hand to my fathers bloody stomache. Tears are running down my face, falling on my fathers shirt.

"You're going to be all right. You're going to be all right." I sob down at my father. A thin smile appears on his lips. "I'm dieing Suzie." He says, his voice weak and croaky. I shake my head. "Don't say that!" I scream out, gripping my fathers arm.

He smiles at me again and I know he is slipping away. "Look after yourself. It's just you now my Suzie." He says with the last strength he's got left in him. My tears flow down my face harder.

"Daddy don't leave me!" I sob out. "Bye Suzie..." He whispears as the last of his life slips away in the darkness of the night and the thunder of the rain. "No Daddy! No! Don't leave me! No!" I scream out as load as I can through my sobs.

I cling to my fathers limp body, it's still warm but I know he is gone. He's right. It is just me, Sushanna Greene, against the world. I may only be eleven but I know that much.

I hug my fathers dead body until I fall into a dreamless asleep.

The End

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