Never a good sister, but...

'She was never a good sister for me. She had lied to me. She was selfish. And now, I have to forgive her is it? No way. Mom is being outrageous. I just can’t do it.’ Thejas thought.

'Please Theja. Take these flowers and go visit her. It is her birthday. How long are you going to be angry with her?' she pleaded, almost on the verge of tears.

'I won’t. I won’t. I won’t. There is no way I am going to visit her. That too with flowers? Forget it. She should have thought of all these flowers and fruits before leaving us. She went away didn’t she? Now I should run behind her is it?' he screamed, louder than necessary. 'You may have forgotten everything. I haven’t.'

Honestly he hadn’t forgotten anything. The day his father's watch broke and how she had lied. The day she pushed him on the road and hurt his leg. The day she had left them, and lied to him. He had always believed her but now he knew the truth. She was never a good sister.

He heard muffled noise from the kitchen and guessed that his mother had started crying. Emotional blackmail- he hated that.

'Alright, I'll go. I don’t have a lot of options, do I?' he said and stomped out of the house carrying the flowers. Red roses were her favorite flowers and she loved to keep them in her glass vase. She always spent hours decorating it.

His earliest memories of his sister were from his kinder garden days. His friends were making fun of him because of her. He always got things that she had rejected. 'I don’t want these toys. They are ugly. Give it to Theja.' she would say. Ten minutes later his parents would come to his room and give him that toy. She was never a good sister.

He got onto his bike and started it. This was not the bike he had asked for. His father had changed his mind at the last minute and got him this. It was his sister's voice over his. She had convinced his father to get him this bike and got herself a mobile phone with the remaining money. She was never a good sister.

He reached her gate in less than ten minutes. Hesitantly, he opened the gate and walked inside. She was sleeping as he had expected. Quietly he sat down next to her. He placed the flowers next to her head and stared at her for a long time.

‘Why akka ? Why? Why did you do this? You left us and came away and now are you happy seeing us suffer daily? Mom and dad didn’t know much about you, but I knew.’ he thought silently.

He was on the verge of tears. He didn’t want her to see him cry. ‘I hate you’, he muttered softly and left.

He roamed on his bike for twenty minutes and came back. She was still sleeping peacefully. ‘I did my Math exam well. Though I did not see you, I knew you had come to the exam center to see me. That’s why I did it well. Thanks,‘ he muttered.

He had to leave. He looked at his watch. He was getting late. He remembered the day when his father’s new watch broke. He was 5 and her sister was 12 years old. He tried to wear it and dropped it on the floor. His sister immediately came to his rescue and lied to his father that it was she who broke it. She had lied that day. For him. His father slapped her very hard. That must have hurt her a lot. That hurt him too. That hurt him more than the time when he hurt his knee. The day when his sister pushed him on the road.

He was playing on his video games without looking at the road. The motorbike was coming very fast. He stood there paralyzed. He didnt know what to do. His sister came running and pulled him. He fell on the road and hurt his knees. He was shivering for a long time. After that she had cracked jokes and danced like a clown to make him smile. He could still remember both of them laughing loudly on the road.

When he was in kinder garden, she used to come to his class daily. She used to make sure that he had his food daily. In case he didn’t eat, she used to tell him funny stories to make him eat. Sometimes he purposely refused to eat, just to hear her stories. His friends made fun of him. His friends were jealous of him. Nobody had an adorable sister like her to take care of them.

But he was never jealous of her. He gladly agreed to share his new toys with her. But she never touched them. She wanted him to have it all. She would pretend to hate it and give it to him. She was never a good sister. She was like a mother to him.

As he got up to leave, his bike key fell on the ground, as if to remind him how he got the bike. His father got 50000 as bonus and decided to get them both a second hand bike each for about 25000 rupees. His sister had fought with his father and insisted that she didn’t want a scooty and that she had always wanted a mobile phone. She made their father get her a mobile phone for 4000 rupees and got him a new bike. It was not the bike he initially wanted. It was a much better new bike. She was never a good sister. She was like a mother to him.

But he couldn’t forgive him for leaving her. Six months back, she had met with an accident and died at the hospital. Her last words were- ‘I love you Theja. Take care of dad and mom.’ Her last words were a lie. If she had loved him, she wouldn’t have left him. How could she die and leave him alone? Wasn’t she an angel who was supposed to take care of him? At least that is what she had been for the past 18 years.

He gently laid the flowers on her tomb and walked away. He walked ten feet, turned around and said- ‘Tomorrow is my Chemistry board exam. I need your support. Be on time. And…. I love you.’

The End

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