“Marc!” Corrin shouted, wincing as her lungs struggled to take in the air.

            “Corrin...” Marc murmured, stepping inside the cavern and looking around, his eyes landing on Kayne, who was standing a few yards in front of Corrin, between her and Marc. He took another step back and bent down towards Corrin.

“You come any closer, and I burn her from the inside out,” Kayne threatened.

            “You touch her and I bring this whole place down.” Marc growled, pulling out something from behind him, looking like a gun on steroids.

            “Doesn’t matter.” Kayne smiled. “As long as Shaylese is still living, my spirit will live on...inside of her. Oh, including my powers.”

            “Kayne, you won’t hurt her because Shaylese won’t be able to find us and your spirit will not go into her body because you are nowhere near her.”

            Kayne winced and then stood up to his full height.

            “Well, little nephew.” He let out a little chuckle. “Why not shoot me? Why are you still standing there?”

            Marc winced, but held up his chin a little higher. Corrin gulped and looked at Kayne again, trying to choreograph her plan to get him to become vulnerable. “Ha!” Kayne growled. “You won’t shoot because it’ll put her life in danger! You care too much about this girl.”

           “I don’t care about her,” Marc hissed, his eyes glowing with hatred. Corrin cringed and stared at Marc with wide eyes. Her brain wasn’t calculating what he had just said. I don’t care about her... I don’t care... I don’t care about her...

            Corrin sobbed and fell back onto the floor. She could only guess what Kayne and Marc were doing, but she did not care now.

            “You don’t care about her, I hear?” Kayne sounded slightly amused. “Why did you come then?”

            “You killed my father,” Marc growled. “You killed my mother with your abilities. And you attempted to kill me when I was just born, but you forgot that my mother’s unique second ability was bringing people back to life and healing. She brought me back to health and gave me to her sister...your sister, Mary. My mother died when I was two. Mary went missing when I was ten. And I have a feeling you had something to do with it. I know you killed Shaylese’s family, making her mother drive off of the road into the lake. And I know you killed Corrin’s father in Feudal Mongolia, getting Shaylese’s father to kill him and then Shaylese’s father was executed.”

            Corrin winced, wondering how Marc knew all of this. Oh. Right. Mind reader.

            “And I will get my revenge. For me, my family, Shaylese’s family, and Corrin’s. You killed Dante, my mother, my father, Aunt Mary, Corrin’s mother and godfather, Shaylese’s mother, brother, and caused her father’s death—You. Will. Pay.”

            “Will I, Marc? Really? How? Honestly, you are just a kid. A rowdy, ignorant teenager. While I, Lord Kayne, AKA Cornelius Daniel Kayne, am a wise, sixty-seven year old killer. A sixty-seven year old killer with powers. So much greater powers than you can imagine, Markey-boy. That gun will do nothing against me. And you know it.”

            There was a long pause, but Marc did not speak and Corrin was becoming concerned. “What’s the matter, kid?” Kayne sneered. “You having second thoughts.”

            “No,” Marc murmured so low, that Corrin barely heard it. “I’m just wondering if who’s coming is on my side...or on yours?”

            There was a pause and then a roar of laughter. “Shaylese, Shaylese!” Suddenly, there was quick, small steps echoing throughout the cavern and heavy breathing.

            “Master! Master!” Corrin’s heart ached at the sound of Shaylese’s voice, sounding enthusiastic and alive. “Lord...Lord Kayne, I am here! At last, I am here.”

            Corrin had to turn to see her best friend. Well, her ex-best friend anyway. What she saw was not Shaylese Carlie Brady—not anymore, at least. Shaylese’s hair was now red and longer than ever, reaching her knees, her eyes were scarlet-red, and she was wearing what a stripper might’ve worn at a strip club. Black leather passed for a shirt, hardly concealing her ribs down to her waist and a black leather skirt with matching boots. Black sunglasses lay perched on her now-red head.

            Corrin felt her heart stutter and her vision blurred. “Shaylese...”

            Shaylese glanced at her ex best friend. “Oh. It’s you. Nice to see you, I guess, Corny.”

            Corrin winced at that. Shaylese either couldn’t remember her friend’s name or was just being cruel.

            Shaylese rolled her eyes and returned her attention to Lord Kayne. “I am here to serve you...for as long as you live anyway.”

            Lord Kayne laughed. “It’s looks as if everything has turned out just great, hasn’t it?!” he chortled again. “Now, Shaylese...” and they began bickering about  their plans as if Corrin and Marc weren’t there. Then, Marc was skirting around the cave towards Corrin and she cringed away from him, remembering his harsh words.

            But Marc didn’t make it within seven meters of Corrin, for a red blast of light sprouted from Shaylese’s hand at him and he was blown backwards at a wall. Corrin heard a sickening crunch and screamed, “Marc!”

            “Shut up, you whiny little bitch.” Shaylese said in a voice quite unlike hers. She pointed a hand at Corrin and she screamed as a blue blast of light erupted and went straight for her. Corrin closed her eyes and turned her head, expecting to feel something but, when she opened her eyes, Marc was standing in front of her, pointing his hand at Shaylese and Lord Kayne. A determined look lay on his face and his eyes were glowing its original color of green.

            Corrin was breathing hard and she watched his hands, a green shield standing in between Lord Kayne and Shaylese, and Corrin and Marc. Shaylese was still pointing her hand at them, wincing every now and then. Suddenly, the shield started moving back towards Corrin and Marc. Corrin attempted to get to her feet, everything hurting, and fortunately, succeeded.

            “Thought you didn’t care about me.” Corrin’s voice was hoarse and her throat burned as she said it, along with her heart.

            “It was a lie, Corrin.” Marc winced and the shield faltered again. “I swear to you, it was a lie. If I had said I did care about you, he’d have killed you then and there. So I had to lie to keep you alive.”

            Corrin winced, but didn’t believe him. She said, “Why? Why did Doomsday have to come?”

            Marc flinched and the shield faltered again. Shaylese looked exuberant as she attempted to kill Marc and Corrin; she was smiling widely and her eyes were wild.

            Corrin sighed and said, “Marc, I love you. You can do this. I know you can. But if you cant...we’ll be together forever...”

            “I won’t lose.” Marc growled, and the shield moved towards Shaylese and Lord Kayne. “I won’t let you die. I won’t let all of the people Shaylese will want to kill...die. I won’t.”

            The shield moved closer to the two enemies and Corrin winced. Did she really want Shaylese to die? After all those years of friendship and love and hope?

            No she didn’t, so Corrin did something she would think so stupid and repulsive in later years—she yelled, “Shaylese, run while you still can!”

            Shaylese glanced up at Corrin, her eyes wide with fear and surprise. Then—though Corrin thought she’d imagined it—Shaylese’s eyes returned to their soft blue and she nodded slowly. As quickly as it happened, her red eyes returned. She winced, looked to her master and sighed, jumping away. The shield had nothing to go against so it hit Lord Kayne and he grunted, flew backwards and hit the wall with a sickening crunch. Corrin saw his eyes roll to the back of his head and blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

            Corrin winced and then looked at Shaylese. Her eyes narrowed at Kayne and then she turned her glare on Corrin. She bared her teeth, and let out a hiss before spinning around and darting out of the cavern. Corrin had no more willpower to stand so she sighed and crumpled to the ground at Marc’s feet, knowing that Kayne was now dead but Shaylese was still out there...a killer among the small population of people.


Two months passed and Corrin and Marc never saw Shaylese again. They had gone back to Corrin’s house to have a long rest and talk about Doomsday. They talked about their family history and about Shaylese and how they would turn her over back to their side—to get Lord Kayne’s mind out of hers.

            Though, they came up with a pretty effective plan...Corrin had a feeling that they would be no match against Shaylese.


The End

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