Never.  Never had Corrin been reduced to this...this preposterous version of life. Never even imagined it existed.  She loathed the world Marc had brought her into—had she been warned about it and not forced into it, she may have been able to cope.

            But, no.  No, she had been forced and now she lay on the stone cold floor in a cave of some type—a place Lord Kayne called a lair.  Bruises remain on her arms and legs from days ago when Kayne had kidnapped her and used his abilities to hurt her.  She hated that he had not just killed her then and there, but she could never be that lucky.

            Corrin moaned as she struggled to turn over onto her back.  After she succeeded, she just stared up at the odd-shaped ceiling, her breathing uneven and ragged.

            “Wow.” A deep, husky voice from behind made her flinch and she could barely move to see Kayne enter, the large, stone door scraping loudly against the same stone ground. “I am surprised to see that you are still alive.”

            “It’s kinda hard to die, you know.” Corrin’s voice was hoarse and hard to understand.  She tried to clear her throat, only to receive even more pain from her throat; she groaned in pain.

            “Well, I could kill you now, if you want?” Kayne suggested.  Corrin heard flames licking up the walls as he lit his “office” area.

“No thanks, I just love to suffer until death retrieves me.”

            “You know, you could’ve avoided all of this if you’d been a little less curious.” Corrin barely heard Kayne’s chuckle even though it echoed off of the walls of the small cavern.

            “Curiosity killed the cat.” She murmured, half to herself, pain gripping her heart tightly.

            “Got that right, kid,” Kayne muttered, giving a big yawn. Corrin sighed and struggled to sit up. After about a minute, she was able to, and she twisted her body until she could see Kayne fully. “I don’t get it. Why didn’t you just kill me then? When I first saw you?”

            Kayne just shrugged and added to the flames already licking up the walls. Corrin cringed away, the light piercing her eyes as if needles were being shoved into them. She shielded them and turned her green eyes instead on a small, red pebble lying on the floor, looking out of place in the dark gray backsplash.

            “Because I needed you for something.” Kayne said through something—seemingly food or maybe the scorpion’s blood he used as his “charger” for his abilities. Corrin shuddered as she imagined Kayne with a scorpion pressed to his lips, his strangely pointed teeth cutting into its shell and drinking its poison and blood...

            “What is that something?” Corrin asked, squinting her eyes so she wouldn’t receive the full impact of the fire’s light. She inhaled the sweet aroma of something close to the scent of chicken and felt her stomach growl. She gulped and shook her head.

            Corrin watched Lord Kayne gulp down another bite—looking juicier and even more delicious than Corrin could imagine—and then he replied, “To get my successor here. For her to take over.”

            Corrin’s brow crumpled in confusion. “Huh? Her?”

            “Shaylese Brady, of course.”

            Those five simple words made Corrin’s heart stutter in shock and fear. She could not move, could not talk or even breathe. After about two minutes sitting in silence, besides the tearing of flesh and the fire, Corrin’s breathing picked up again and her heartbeat steadied out also. She gulped in a painful lungful of air and said, “My best friend, Shaylese Brady?”

            Kayne nodded and mumbled, “Mhm.”

            Hot, sticky tears rolled down her cheeks and Corrin suddenly collapsed onto the ground, her body screaming in pain and protest, the bruises probably widening.

            Suddenly, there was a loud boom outside of the large door. Corrin jumped and then cringed in pain again. Several more booms rocked the rocky formation and she clutched the ground for support, sobbing loudly. “What is she doing?!” Kayne roared from the corner of the cave. Heavy footsteps echoed throughout the cave, headed towards the door. One last rumble occurred before Kayne opened the door and shouted, “What in the bloody hell are you—” but he shouted something unintelligible and stumbled backwards until he’d almost met Corrin.

            “No!” Kayne roared. “No, this can’t be happening! I got rid of you fifteen years ago—before you were a threat!”

            Kayne may have been upset—terrified even—of his visitor, but, who stood before Corrin today was her savior.

            Marc Jackson.

The End

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