Corrin was forced into a small car, ropes binding her arms and legs, tape around her mouth and a blade propped against her neck that would be triggered if she tried to teleport out of there.

She sobbed as the door slammed shut and the man climbed into the front seat. He had a nasty, evil smile on his face and Corrin wondered, with pain and fear creeping up, if this had happened to Shaylese.

Corrin’s muffled scream trailed to the man’s ears when he seemed to have slumped in the seat and his hair turned red and everything about him became smaller than the large, seven foot tall man that had kidnapped her. He turned to look at Corrin and the smile spread even wider. She saw his yellowed teeth, his acne, and his scarlet-red eyes glinting with lust and passion for death.

She sobbed again and looked away, wincing when she felt the blade pressed against her neck even more.

Corrin struggled with the ropes binding her hands, but gave up when they stopped in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. The man got out and opened the back door, taking Corrin out by her hair. She screamed in agony as he wrenched her out of the car and she fell to the ground, rocks piercing her arms and face. The blade was snatched away, the tape ripped off of her face. Corrin let out a wail of pain and contempt. She sobbed and cried even more.

The man grabbed the back of her shirt and pulled her up, carrying her like that towards an odd rock formation. Corrin choked from the front of her shirt digging into her throat.

For a few moments, she could see nothing but blackness and her eyes drooped, and then she heard the grinding of stone against stone and was thrown aside. She grunted and then sputtered for the air, but coughed it back out, for most of it consisted of smoke.

Her eyes watered from the smoke in the cavern or whatever it was and tried to unbind the ropes again.

Corrin caught a blurry man cross her vision and his face was suddenly in front of hers. Corrin flinched unwillingly. The man laughed and said in a quite unpleasant voice, “My name is Lord Kayne.” Lord Kayne chuckled as if he’d just told a funny joke. “And you are?”

“Gonna kick your pathetic a—”

But Lord Kayne cut her off, “Ah, ah, ah.” he waved a finger in front of her face. “You have no effective abilities, so you won’t be kicking anything any time soon.” Suddenly, he stood up and kicked Corrin in the shoulder as hard as he could. Pain exploded as she heard something crack and she writhed and screamed in agony.

Kayne walked away to go sit in a deserted corner. Suddenly, flames licked up the walls surrounding him and Corrin flinched backwards, though half-wishing for the flames to engulf the evil man who called himself 'Lord Kayne.'

But the flames stayed to the walls and three other rows followed it, towards Corrin and she flinched away again.

So that was where the smoke came from.

Corrin coughed once and croaked, “Why are you doing this to me?”

Lord Kayne looked back at her from the corner and gave a toothy smile; Corrin flinched away at the sight of something stuck in between his teeth.

“Well, I’m just gonna say it’s fun to kidnap girls like you.” He shrugged. “Especially since you walked right into one of my murder scenes. I coulda killed ya back there but I need you for something.”

“For what?” Corrin’s voice shook, letting her mind go through all the frightening possibilities and then made it stop, for the last conclusion was the worst.

But Lord Kayne didn’t answer and Corrin sobbed, letting her head fall to the stony ground, sobbing even more and wishing for Marc to be there oh, so badly.

The End

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