When Planet Earth becomes a breeding place for power-wielding humans and a man has the ambition to climb to the top and become the most powerful of them, Corrin must fight as hard as she can to save her best friend, his vessel, from him. Can she do it? ________________ A very old story I decided I wanted to post. Tell me what you think, despite it being old.

“Mia, I’m surprised at you.” George laughed, setting down his glass of whiskey and giving away a little cough.

            “You . . . at . . . me?” Mia laughed through hiccups. “You brought  me the drink in the first –” hiccup “– place.”

           “But I –” The ground began to tremble and George, a man of thirty-two with silver-blonde hair and blue eyes, paused in his sentence to look to his new wife in confusion.

            “G-George?” she stammered, fright creeping into her voice. Suddenly, screams erupted from outside the pub and George jumped up from his seat, grabbing Mia’s hand to run to the window.

            The couple gasped at what awaited them. Water flooded the streets steadily and rain fell in torrents. They then cringed in shock at the thunder, and the lightening following it.

           A bolt of lightening hit one of Sansville’s tallest buildings and fire sprouted. More terrified screams followed.

            George pulled the shaking Mia away from the window and suddenly felt something surging around his feet and into his brown, leather shoes. He looked down to see water spilling in from the nearby door. They wouldn’t escape that way.

            “George!” Mia shrieked, practically strangling her husband in pure fright.

            “Mia, Mia, Mia!” George tried to placate her but she was screaming and already jumping up onto a table. “Mia, come off it, will you?” he yelled at her. “Don’t–” The howling of the wind drowned out his futile words. He spun around to look at the window and swore loudly, jumping back six feet. There, sweeping up half the city, was a large, swirling tornado.

            He spun around and lunged for Mia, his hand outstretched for hers. He grasped her cold, shaking hand and yanked her off of the table, interrupting her useless screaming.

            “Here! Here!” the male bartender yelled to them. George looked up to see that he stood half way out of a freezer behind the counter. George didn’t stop to think; he sprinted towards the freezer and Mia shrieked. He snuck a look back and his eyes widened to their fullest; the door had given away and a large amount of water soared through the pub towards them, surely going to drown them if they did not move fast enough.

            Somebody would have to lock the freezer door to keep everyone safe. George’s mind swirled with thoughts and ideas, sure of his death. He pushed Mia forward into the freezer, hearing her cry of protest and distress, and slammed the door shut. He spun around to see that the water gaining speed. He turned back towards the freezer and pushed down the lock and brought down the protective shield or whatever it seemed to be, over it. No sooner did the water engulf him and his last words became nothing but a gurgle.



All around the world, the same happened with the others. South America was completely destroyed, no land, only ocean, except for the very southern tip. Only the top half of America remained, except for Alaska and the east and west sides. Europe was dominated and every single living organism sunk into the ocean. That included the whole northern half of Africa and then Asia was only a small island about fifty miles in diameter; Antarctica was completely destroyed; Australia collapsed into the ocean. Only about one hundred people survived doomsday. Only twenty-four people from the former Americas survived. About thirty people in Africa. Only forty-six or so in Asia were left.

Not many technologies survived the on slaughter of the world. No cars—no buildings. Nothing really. The most of the survivors in the Americas were in North Dakota in Sansville, for there were seven in a freezer within a pub called “Dan’s Pub”. The others were from Colorado, South Dakota, and Nevada. In Asia, the only survivors were in Mongolia. In Africa, only the people in South Africa, Botswana, and Swaziland survived. No one else survived. All of this occurred in 2014 in the month of October, beginning on the exact date of the thirty-first.

No one expected it to happen this way: a carnival of different natural disasters in one – tornados, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, thunder and lightning storms, tsunamis, and many, many more. Doomsday killed more than ninety percent of the world’s population. And, not to mention, the survivors of this day, gained special abilities. Almost everyone.

And the first generation—the children of the people who survived it but did not have to experience it—were the strongest.

The End

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