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 He was the first one I saw as I walked through the drooping doors of the gloomy building. Immediatly he stared up at me. His  blue tag read 'Cade",and his fur was a soft yellow. He gave a faint mewling noise and I tugged at my mothers sleve to get her attention. Glancing down at me, she noticed my gaze averted on the bit-sized kitten behind those menacing matal bars.

 I waltzed over to his prison and asked if I could hold him. The man working there told me 'Yes, but you have to ask your Mommy first.' And so I asked her. With a reply of approval the man got the small kitten out from his metal captor and handed him to me.

 "I like this kitty, Mommy!" I squealed with utter joy, "Pleeease!!! Can we get 'im?" I looked up at her with hopefull eyes, hoping, wishing for the soft kitten I now held between my palms. She sighed and replied, "Fine, we'll get him. But the moment he starts to pee on our things, he comes straight back!"

The End

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