Neve and the Careless Giants

In Mulberry Village, some where in England, high up in the hills.

There is a quaint quite little street, Called Raspberry’s Row.

Raspberry’s Row has but only three houses.

That is one, two, three houses. REMEMBER! Three houses all not very close, but very much apart.

Raspberry’s Row is almost at the end of Mulberry High Street,

Just past the old fountain, not far from the hanging tree.

There are three GIANTS, whom live on Raspberry’s Row

Slipshod, Slapdash and Sloppy.

They do not all live together of cause,

But in separate houses

They are so tall; they probably would not fit in one house.

Those GIANTS are not only tall.

They are very, very careless as well.

Always getting in the way and stepping on things with their BIG ENORMOUS feet.

The End

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