Ethan and Marcus Neufendelle kill for a living, dealing in death for those who pay best. To underground eyes, the brothers are the coldest individuals one could ever meet, delivering quick justice to alley rats and high officials without prejudice. However, if one were to peer into their lives, something quite different would arise...

                I’m tired. All I want is an excuse to go, but this world won’t let me. He won’t let me. Every night I want to leave, to get out, to fly from this infernal nightmare and never come back. But he won’t let me. I think he needs me. I think I need him too.

                I need him more than anything if we keep going this way. It’s always been like this, it’s never been any different…for years now. He and I, we and Sydney, the three of us, we’re so broken that I’m not sure we’re even alive anymore. But we’ll keep on going. We keep moving in this unforgiving place because it’s all that we have, and death is so final.

                If I’m being honest, I’m waiting for that cold darkness to take me. I’m waiting to be dealt my judgment. Waiting for my eyes to go cold in someone else’s hands. That’s how it’s done in our business, it’s the only way.

                I’m tired of waiting…so very, very tired.

The End

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