Realm of the Netherworld, Chapter 3

Darius howled in pain, trying desperately to retain his human form. This was the one time of the month he dreaded - the full moon. On the night of the full moon, Darius could not control his wolf. He could, however, use his skill in controlling the changes to try and retain his human form. Tonight, he was losing that fight. He looked down through a haze of agony and saw that his hand had already changed, and the transformation was spreading up his arm.

The worst part of all this: he was stuck in his house, just next door to a feast of human flesh. Not again.....won't....let it win...again.... That was all he could think. He still had some flashes of memory of the night his parents had died.

The power of that memory forced the change back down Darius's arm, and he was left with just the hands of a wolf. The fight wasn't over yet, though - he was still changing. He had only delayed the process.

Darius reached for his inside coat pocket and retrieved a syringe containing wolfsbane vaccine meant to help a victim of lycanthropy fight off the full-moon change and stabbed it into his leg. After a few seconds, he found it much easier to stop the transformation. He stood up, regained his composure, and walked out the door. It was time to go to work. He had a jumper to track down.

When Darius arrived on the scene where the last illegal jump had been recorded, he found something remarkable: there was a huge jump portal, which, even more remarkably, was actually visible to the naked eye. Darius had a moment of dread. If this was what he thought it was, then all of the branches would be doomed.

The End

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