Realm of the Netherworld, Chapter 2

Gramtag dashed across the hills of the Netherworld. His blade flashed in his hand as he came to a stop, crouched behind the Hataya plants. His target passed by on the low, gravel pathway. Gramtag licked his fangs, savouring the anticipation of a feast.

Gramtag was a vampire. He often travelled the realms, moving freely between the Netherworld, the Midlands and the Vanilla World. He had a home in each. Gramtag had not pledged himself to any of the factions, in any of the realms. He worked as an assassin for hire. He went where the money was.

This night, he was tracking another denizen of the Netherworld; a vampire in fact. He had been causing problems to one of the factions who did not want the Netherworld to be revealed to the humans. This particular vampire, by the name of Makrag, had been openly preying on humans.

As the vampire rounded the corner, Gramtag pounced. He tackled the vampire to the ground and plunged his knife into the beast’s flesh. He clasped a hand over Makrag’s mouth to prevent the yell from escaping. With a snarl, Gramtag brought his knife across Makrag’s throat repeatedly, severing his head from his neck. He feasted on the blood which poured from the wound, and then walked into the night, Makrag’s bloody head dripping in his hand.


“I brought his head, as you asked. Now, my money”.

Gramtag’s employer smiled. He handed a bag to Gramtag, who took a quick glance inside. The money was all there.

“Good job”.

Gramtag nodded, turned and jumped out the window. He landed in a crouch, and then sprinted into the night.

The End

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